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5 Most Common Boiler Problems & How To Spot Them

What are common problems with boilers not working?


If you notice that your boiler has started to cause you issues and has broken down, it can be a cause for concern, particularly if it has broken down within the winter months. From your radiators not working to no hot water being available, it can be a real concern to your own safety and those that you live with, especially if your boiler has packed in deep into winter. READ MORE

Plumbing issues can be very inconvenient to you and your family. Understanding what an emergency plumbing is, can save you from extensive property damage and ensure your home or business stays safe and functional. In this blog, we’ll delve into various scenarios that are widely recognized as plumbing emergencies, explaining why quick action is essential and how Eric Collier & Son emergency plumbing in Cardiff can help. READ MORE

What Is Considered Emergency Plumbing?

In Cardiff, the cool season stays at temperatures below 10°C. In the city of Cardiff, homeowners use central heating to keep their house warm. A house is warmed using central heating via piping that goes to your radiators and emanates heat throughout the rooms in your house. A boiler should be installed in an easy-to-access place in a home, like a bathroom, loft, lobby area, laundry room or cupboard in the kitchen.  READ MORE

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