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Central Heating Repair In Cardiff & Swansea, South Wales | Eric Collier

Central Heating Repairs Cardiff

Our friendly, experienced central heating engineers have been repairing domestic and commercial heating systems for decades. We offer central heating repairs across South Wales and even as far as Bristol.

Professional Central Heating Repair Services in Cardiff

Central heating is in most of our homes and is something that we commonly take for granted. This is until the system longer works. During the summer, your home sits without needing your central heating much at all, only potentially during cold nights. Once the cold of the winter hits, it’s one of the most important elements in your home.

At Eric Collier & Son, our team of experts have decades of experience in helping to fix your central heating and getting your system back up and running. With everything from full breakdowns to simple maintenance on offer, we are happy and confident with helping with any problem with your central heating system.

Qualified Central Heating Repair Engineers

Our specialist engineers are not only fully qualified but also highly experienced. As a family-led business, we have over 40 years servicing South Wales and even across into Bristol and South West England. Our strong commitment to our customers is to be as transparent as possible when helping get your central heating back up and running.

At Eric Collier & Collier, offer a full and complete service for properties, fixing your boiler and pipework. We even provide extensive commercial heating system services.

Central Heating repairs Cardiff

Central Heating Repairs In Cardiff, South Wales & Bristol

Our experts have installed, maintained and repaired central heating systems across Cardiff and South Wales. In the past 40 years, we’ve seen a variety of issues relating to central heating systems in commercial and domestic properties. We pride ourselves on our impeccable customer service and are determined to keep every customer’s home safe, warm, and keep the system consistently working.

What Are The Most Common Issues That Cause Broken Central Heating?

There are many different reasons for central heating systems to require repair due to many causes, such as the age of the system. After decades of servicing South Wales and Bristol, there is nothing that surprises us. Some of our most commonly seen issues with central heating we’ve seen over the years include:

Air in Radiators

This is undoubtedly one of the most frequent central heating issues that we see. If you suspect that your radiator is not heating up properly or has cold spots in patches, this is likely due to air that has been trapped inside the radiator. The process of fixing air in your radiators requires controlled bleeding of the air across all of your radiators.

Leaking pipes

Strange banging or clanging noises emitting from the central heating system pipes could be an indication of a leak. Our team can quickly detect and repair the leak efficiently, with little fuss or disruption to your daily schedule. 

The Pilot light has gone out or is an odd colour

If you see that your pilot light in your boiler has either gone out or is an unusual colour, this could mean that your stopcock is broken or faulty. This issue is highly dangerous and requires immediate fixing or the consequences could be disastrous. In this situation, get in touch with us immediately.

Constant overflow

Noticing that your water tank is continually working is a sign that your ball cock has become jammed, meaning the overflow does not know when to stop. Issues with the pump itself can also cause this issue, which needs to be fixed as soon as possible. 

Low system pressure

If you notice that your boiler’s pressure has decreased or is inconsistent, this could mean a number of issues, which is commonly a water leak or gas leak.

Repairing Your Central Heating In The Time Saves You Money

Annually, you should check your central heating before the winter season really begins to set in. This is of paramount importance if you are checking the system for an elderly relative or if you have younger children. We recommend running your central heating as summer ends to ensure any potential problems are flagged as quickly as possible. 

Not only will a faulty or failed system cause a cold home, which can be dangerous but also that the damage to the central heating system could progressively become worse. Arranging for repair as soon as possible helps soften the blow to the bill when it comes to repairing your central heating, especially when the cost to replace a boiler can have serious financial strain if wholly unexpected. 

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