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Commercial Central Heating Engineers In Cardiff & Swansea, South Wales

Commercial Heating Systems in Cardiff, Swansea, Newport & Throughout South Wales

At Eric Collier & Sons we are proud to assist a range of commercial businesses with their heating systems. We can offer professional installation, repair or diagnosis for a range of commercial central heating and boilers.

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Don’t Leave Your Business In The Cold

Keeping your workplace warm isn’t just essential if you receive customers into your store, no matter what to get the best from your employees keeping them comfortable is key. From office workers to warehouse employees ensuring that your business is kept warm over the winter is essential to any sector.

We advise that if you have any doubts about your commercial heating system to act sooner rather than later. Waiting until the weather turns bitter and cold is a sure-fire way to end up with a closed business while repairs take place! Often damage can be accentuated by the winter temperatures so being proactive is essential for any industrial heating system.

At Eric Collier & Sons we’ve been working with a range of business and their heating systems for decades. With a service area spanning Cardiff, Newport, Swansea and even Bristol we’re happy to help your business stay warm this winter.

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Getting A New Commercial Heating System Installed In Cardiff, Swansea & South Wales

Paying the bills to keep your business comfortable for customers and staff can be a huge expense, especially if your commercial heating system is older. With age also comes the likelihood of irreparable damage being done, in particular when regular services and maintenance are not conducted. 

If it has come time for a new commercial heating system in your business we are happy to help you. 

If you’re interested in a newly installed combi-boiler then you can take advantage of our highly professional boiler installation service. Maybe you would prefer a renewable energy like air to air heat pump and air to water heat pump to power your central heating, it doesn’t matter whichever you choose, our specialist engineers will be able to help. We’ll take the time to investigate and discuss with you which is best for your property and usage profile.

Some popular systems for commercial heating include:

Water Circulated Systems

With this being a popular choice of heating system for business properties, water circulated systems are reliable and generally cheap to run. They work by using hot water that is generated in your property’s boiler to travel through the building’s network of pipes to heat wall panels that heat the rooms.

Steam Boilers

Similar to water circulated systems, hot water is created within a boiler and the water or steam is fed through to the radiators around the property. Radiators are often misconceived as being large appliances, however, there are now more modern and suitably sized radiators which still work as effectively to heat your property.

Heat Pumps

Heat pump heating systems are popular due to the fact that they are able to work in reverse to cool your property. They work by extracting air from outside of the building and feeding it into the property. In colder countries (such as the UK!), it may be necessary to have a heater attached to the extractor units so that the cold, winter air isn’t just fed back into your property!

Forced Air Furnace

Air is pulled from the rooms in your property to then use a furnace to heat and expel back into the rooms of your property. This heating system means that ducts will need to be installed in your property to allow the hot air to travel smoothly through your property. A blower can then be installed to allow you to control the intensity of the air being blown out and to evenly distribute the air throughout the room.


If you are looking to install a central heating system then it is important that the installation process is carried out thoroughly and that it fits the requirements for your business property.

Our team can assess your needs and offer advice on the benefits of each different central heating system so that you can make the right decision for your business. We’re on hand to provide a quality service throughout South Wales. If you are interested in installing a commercial central heating system then contact us today!

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What Are Common Issues With Commercial Heating Systems?

1. Not getting your heating system serviced

We recommend commercial heating and ventilation systems be serviced yearly as a minimum to ensure efficient operation. This also helps to avoid costly damage and repair bills. Plan these in advance, as not having a regular schedule in place could result in a small issue becoming a large one. Regular services will decrease the number of repairs needed in your commercial heating system as they are picked up by our engineer early on before any serious damage is caused to the system.

2. Dirty filters

Dirty and worn out filters force your heating system to work harder. This increases your energy bills and decreases systems life span. With regular checks and replacement of your filters optimise the performance of your heating system. This will also improve your indoor air quality, ideal for your keeping your customers and workers healthy.

3. Thermostat malfunctions

It is easy to assume that your actual commercial heating system is at fault when it stops working as it should, but the problem could be caused by the thermostat itself. The controls regulate the internal temperature at set times, if this is not functioning correctly, it will cause an imbalance in the building.

4. Improper air balance

The warm and cool air from your system passes through dampers and ducts. Dampers are valves which regulate airflow inside a duct. Rooms which heat or cool at different rates can be controlled by the adjustment of the dampers. Through services, our engineers at Eric Collier cam test the dampers and ducts to eliminate any imbalances before they become more serious, causing severe damage.

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