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Swansea's Best in Boiler, Heating, AC and Plumbing Services

Boiler, Heating, Plumbing and Air Conditioning Services in Swansea

Our trusted and reliable boiler, heating, plumbing, and air conditioning engineers have over 40 years of experience in the industry and provide a high level of service every time. We provide professional heating, plumbing, and air conditioning services throughout Swansea and South Wales through our team of fully accredited and qualified engineers. We offer quick same-day callouts covering all of Swansea. Book a reliable and highly skilled service with our Gas Safe and OFTEC engineers today. We offer our services to both domestic and commercial customers in Swansea.

Commercial & Domestic finance are now available, including Interest-Free options


Trusted Local Heating Engineers in Swansea

Why Choose Us For Your Boiler Service in Swansea?

We are a team of highly experienced local heating engineers servicing the communities of Swansea by providing reputable and reliable boiler servicing, boiler repair, and boiler installation for domestic and commercial customers. Our fully qualified heating and gas engineers work with all types of boilers and central heating systems, including gas, oil, and LPG appliances. You know your heating systems will be in the best hands when you choose Eric Collier & Son. Our customers are at the heart of our business, and we strive to continuously deliver a high level of service to our domestic and commercial customers by offering knowledgeable service gained from the 40 years of experience we have in the boiler and heating business. We offer some of the most affordable local rates for boiler and heating services, ensuring that the service you receive is always of a high standard with high-quality workmanship. Eric Collier & Son will leave your boiler and other heating systems in their most optimal condition and working efficiently, saving you the worry of increased energy costs.

Local heating engineers Swansea
Local Boiler Service and servicing Swansea

Why Choose Us For Your Boiler Repair in Swansea?

If you have a broken boiler or heating system, we offer a same-day call-out service, and our team will do their best to get it back up and running for you quickly. Our boiler and central heating services give you peace of mind that it is working safely and efficiently, and we can often prevent issues that could occur in the short term, preventing costly repairs. 


If you are looking for services for boiler replacements or upgrades, our boiler experts can help. We work with all the main manufacturers and can recommend the best boiler type and boiler models for your needs and property. We offer gas boiler installation, oil boiler installation, combi system, and heat-only boiler installation, and we will ensure you have the right heating system fitted for your needs and property. Our team also covers all aspects of plumbing for both your installation and repair needs. 


We offer interest-free commercial and domestic finance for new boilers and our boiler fitting services, meaning a new heating system is always an option for you.


To inquire about the heating services that we provide throughout Swansea, get in touch with us now. You can also request a completely free, no-obligation quote. 

Reliable and Professional Central Heating and Boiler Servicing in Swansea

Having an annual boiler service is one of the best ways to keep your boiler in full working order and to minimise the risk of encountering any issues that could lead to a boiler breakdown and the need for a boiler repair. During our boiler services, one of our experienced Gas Safe engineers will visit your home or place of work in Swansea to carry out a full and accredited boiler service. We ensure that our boiler services in Swansea are hassle-free, taking just an hour to complete at most. The length of the boiler servicing depends on various factors, including the boiler’s age, type, and potential problems with the system.

Regular boiler servicing helps identify and address issues before they escalate into more major and often costly problems. Potential issues are often detected early and addressed before they escalate, leaving you without heating and hot water. A regular boiler service will also extend the lifespan of your boiler or heating system, meaning a replacement isn’t needed before its time.  

Investing in an annual service ensures the safety and efficiency of your heating system. A boiler that runs efficiently uses less energy, lowering energy bills and making a home or business more economical and sustainable. A well-maintained and regularly serviced boiler operates more efficiently, consuming less energy to produce the same heat level for your property. This improved efficiency reduces energy waste and lowers utility bills for you as a homeowner or business.

How Our Boiler Servicing Works

  1. One of our qualified heating engineers will inspect your boiler to check that it is installed correctly and that the pipework connected to the boiler is installed as it should be and in the correct positions
  2. Our engineer will fire up your boiler to enable them to see if there are any issues with the appliance 
  3. They will perform a working pressure test on the boiler to ensure the gas supply is adequate to meet the minimum specifications required by the boiler manufacturer and check for any gas leaks
  4. They will check for any worn parts that may need replacing or cause you problems in the future
  5. When the boiler service is complete, your engineer will talk you through the service, explain any issues that have been detected, and advise you if any repair work is required
  6. Our commitment is to offer you a fixed quote if any repair work is needed 
  7. We will always be completely transparent with our customers, and we will never try to upsell you anything that isn’t needed. If applicable, you will receive a detailed run-through of the extent of the repair work needed and a fair fixed quotation of the proposed repairs needed. 

Scheduling an annual boiler service for your home or business in Swansea is essential to ensuring that your boiler operates efficiently during the winter, preventing expensive repairs later on. Our certified and experienced engineers arrive promptly and work efficiently to provide you with an annual heating and boiler system service. With an annual central heating or boiler service, you are investing in our knowledge and will often avoid boiler issues during the winter months. 

Making an appointment for routine maintenance and annual boiler service in Swansea with our team at Eric Collier & Son will help prevent many unforeseen problems. Give us a call at 029-20-508711 to schedule your yearly boiler service. 

Our Heating and Boiler Services in Swansea

  • Heating and Boiler Servicing
  • Heating and Boiler Maintenance
  • Heating and Boiler Repair Services
  • Emergency Heating and Boiler Repairs
  • Heating and Boiler Installation Services
  • Plumbing Repairs
  • Emergency Plumbing and Repairs
  • Plumbing Installation

Why Choose Us For Your Boiler Service in Swansea?

  • We have professional, qualified engineers in Swansea and South Wales 
  • Our engineers are friendly, knowledgeable, skilled, and local
  • We provide prompt action in the event of a boiler failure
  • We install, maintain, and repair boilers
  • We check to make sure boiler emissions are within permitted levels
  • Every time, we perform a comprehensive visual inspection of your boiler
  • We provide Gas Safety checks and certificates for Landlords
  • We are registered with CORGI, Gas Safe, and OFTEC
  • We work with all the major brands and manufacturers
  • We provide service agreements at competitive prices
  • We guarantee our boiler repairs for a full year 
  • We provide maintenance contracts for residential and commercial boilers.

Contact us today for all your gas-safe-registered boiler servicing, repair, and installation needs. 

Professional Boiler Repair In Swansea

If the unexpected happens and you are left faced with a broken-down boiler, then the team here at Eric Collier & Son is on hand to help with our expert boiler repairs. With rapid-same-day callouts throughout Swansea and South Wales, our accredited heating engineers will identify the fault with your boiler or central heating system and can carry out the required boiler repair on all common and main boiler manufacturer appliances, including gas boiler repairs, combi, system, and heat-only boiler repairs. Our team carries some spare parts, and if we don’t have the part that you need, we will order it and come back to your property to repair it. 

Don’t hesitate; if you have a broken-down boiler and no heat or hot water, or have a boiler emergency, contact us to get a trusted and reliable boiler repair for your home or business in Swansea today. 

Common Signs That Your Boiler May Need A Repair Service

  • No heating is available from your radiators
  • No hot water is available from your taps
  • Strange noises are coming from the boiler, such as banging, whistling or gurgling
  • The pilot light isn’t visible or is a different colour
  • The thermostat is not working properly and is displaying an incorrect temperature
  • Low boiler pressure due to a leak or a new relief valve being required
  • Odd smells stemming from the boiler
  • Water leaking or rust appearing around your boiler
  • Energy bills are getting higher than usual

Our Team

Our team of boiler engineers in Swansea is dedicated to providing our customers with high-quality services while guaranteeing the most stringent safety standards during every phase of your boiler servicing, and we strive to leave you with a faultless boiler whenever we can.

If we feel your boiler is not in safe working order or repairable, we might suggest a new boiler system. We will assist you in determining the best boiler range for you and your property, as well as the price of a replacement boiler. We recognise that not everyone can afford to buy a new boiler or heating system outright because they are large investments. Because of this, we provide a variety of flexible payment options to both domestic and commercial clients, including interest-free financing for 10 years.

Transparency and honesty are important to us at Eric Collier & Son in every part of our business, including our Swansea boiler and heating services. After we have checked your heating or boiler system for any problems or defects, our knowledgeable engineers will provide you with a summary and discuss any necessary repair work that needs to be done.

We are dedicated to helping those in need, including our senior citizens in Swansea, and we make sure that no one has to suffer without access to hot water or a comfortable home thanks to our OAP rates. When assisting members of our community, we take great satisfaction in being dependable and kind.

Local Boiler Repair Swansea

If you live in Swansea and need a heating system or boiler repair done quickly, contact our team of professionals. Our gas-safe engineers are experts at resolving issues with equipment of any size found in plant rooms, and they offer comprehensive servicing choices for all kinds of systems. We offer expert boiler, plant room, and heating repair, maintenance, and installation services, utilising our knowledge and years of experience. Please contact us by phone at 029 20 508711to arrange an appointment. 

We have extensive experience with a wide variety of residential and commercial boilers, including plant room systems, conventional boilers such as combi boilers, gas, electric, and oil boilers, and all types of heating systems. With our years of experience, we can guarantee that we will always provide high-quality services that satisfy your needs.

Our team can offer guidance and assistance to businesses located in Swansea or South Wales, helping to analyse and understand carbon footprint and implement energy-saving measures to lower them.

Local Boiler Service and servicing Swansea

Why Do I Need a Boiler Service?

With over 40 years of experience in providing first-class boiler servicing in Swansea and all other essential heating services for gas, oil, and LPG appliances, the team at Eric Collier & Son has the knowledge and expertise to offer the best guidance to our customers that will keep their boilers and central heating systems in Swansea in full working order. 

We recommend that you get your boiler serviced at least once a year by a fully qualified gas-safe heating engineer like Eric Collier & Son. A regular boiler service will help to detect any underlying issues that could end up escalating further down the line and leading to the need for a costly boiler repair. A broken-down boiler is not only inconvenient, but it could be very harmful to your family or employees, as a leak could spread harmful carbon monoxide, which poses dangerous health risks to anyone within a property. An expert and qualified boiler service is also likely to save you money on your energy bills, as a service ensures that your boiler is working efficiently at all times, meaning less energy output and less money to run.

As a landlord, you legally have to have a fully qualified gas-safe registered engineer annually service any gas appliances at any property you rent out. For landlords in Swansea and the surrounding areas, we can provide you with an annual service, a gas safety inspection, and landlord gas safety certification, as well as boiler maintenance and repair services when you need them. 

Gas Safe Contractor Bridgend
Oftec engineer Bridgend
Trust Mark Heating Engineer Bridgend
gas safe Neath

Landlord Gas Safety Checks and Certificates in Swansea

For rented residential and commercial properties, we offer gas safety certificates, providing landlords with the assurance that they are adhering to all relevant legal requirements.

It is your responsibility as a landlord to comply with legal requirements by having an annual gas safety check done at any property you are renting out. For a thorough inspection, upkeep, and any required repairs, you can rely on us for all gas appliances and systems. Our goal is to support landlords and tenants in ensuring their safety.

We take great satisfaction in making sure our customers have an excellent gas safety record. When all the inspections are finished, our team of professionals will provide you with a landlord safety certificate. We cover Swansea, Cardiff, Newport, and Bridgend, as well as South Wales and the South West areas. Our team ensures that this process is always hassle-free for you.

Boiler repair diagram

Air Conditioning, Repair, Servicing and Installation in Swansea

Our team of qualified engineers is here to help if you live in Swansea, South Wales, or own a business there and need high-quality air conditioning services. We provide expert installation, maintenance, servicing, and repair services at affordable prices for both commercial and residential clients in Swansea.  

There are several considerations when selecting an air conditioning unit for your home or business; these include the square footage you are looking to cool and your preferred cooling capacity. Our team can help you with all of this and will only recommend a system if it suits your needs and property. By utilising the skills and knowledge of our team, you can be sure that every detail of your air conditioning installation has been handled to provide year-round maximum comfort, free from any problems or disruptions.

Contact us today to discuss your needs with one of our experts.

Air Conditioning Installation in Swansea

If you are searching for a reliable air conditioning solution in Swansea, Cardiff Bridgend, or any other area in South Wales, the team at Eric Collier can help. Our vast experience encompasses customised installations for residential and commercial spaces, including offices, loft conversions, apartments, bedrooms, and home offices. We take great care when evaluating each project because we recognise that every space is different. That is why we recommend a solution that meets your needs while taking into account any constraints, like space limitations or listed building requirements. 

There are several ways to regulate the operation of an air conditioner after it is installed. We have options for every cooling requirement, from split zones that let different areas of a building or home independently control their temperature to dedicated climate control panels and remote controls. Users can easily maintain comfortable temperatures in any space with these features, all without sacrificing efficiency or convenience.

Air Conditioning & Refrigeration

At Eric Collier & Son, we recognise that, with so many options available, choosing the ideal air conditioning system can be difficult. Due to our team’s vast experience working with all major brands, including Mitsubishi and Daiken, we can provide objective advice on what will best suit the needs of each customer. You can trust our expertise when deciding on the best AC unit for your home or place of business because we are not subject to brand commissions or exclusive partnerships. Being a family-run company with years of experience in the field, we put the highest priority on providing outstanding customer service and guaranteeing that each customer receives individualised attention all the way to cool comfort.

From compact, fitted models for home use to large ones made especially to keep your occupants cool, our selection of various makes and models of air conditioning units can meet any need. We know you will not be satisfied with our offerings because we have such a broad selection.

To get the best performance out of your air conditioner and to extend its life, maintenance is necessary. You can enjoy a comfortable indoor environment and ultimately save money by doing this.

Any industrial unit’s success depends on its ability to operate at maximum efficiency. However, without routinely scheduled servicing, this cannot be accomplished. In addition to lowering indoor air quality, dirt and grime build up in air conditioning units from daily use of the cold temperatures they produce, which also causes the unit to work harder than it needs to. More energy consumption results from this added stress on an already overworked AC unit, which, if ignored for an extended period, can eventually cause damage.

How We Can Help

Companies must prioritise routine maintenance schedules so their equipment remains in good working order and safe at all times. With proper care and attention, even heavily used machinery will continue to deliver exceptional results year after year. Let us look after your heating, boiler, plumbing, and air conditioning systems in Swansea with an annual service to ensure optimum efficiency, and we promise we will be there for you in case of any breakdown and will get you back up and running. 

Our skilled engineers all specialise in servicing central heating, boilers, and air conditioning in Swansea and throughout South Wales, Bristol, and the South West. Because of our experience, your systems will run as efficiently as possible, last longer, and require fewer repairs.

We provide a variety of flexible payment options to both domestic and commercial clients. With our finance plans, you can select interest-free 10-year terms.

Local Gas Engineers Swansea

Other Services We Provide For Commercial And Domestic Customers In Swansea

Our reputable heating engineers in Swansea can provide a range of professional services besides our boiler repair and boiler service, which include:

To inquire about any of these services, get in touch now.

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