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Boiler Installation Cardiff & Swansea | New Boiler Replacement Service

Professional Boiler Installation Cardiff, Swansea, Newport And Throughout South Wales

With over 40 years of experience in providing a specialist boiler installation service to the people of Cardiff, Swansea, Newport and South Wales, our reputation has stemmed from our team’s dedicated work ethos and by putting our customers at the heart of everything we do here at Eric Collier & Son. 

Commercial and domestic finance options available including interest-free. Call us now and speak to one of our specialist  Gas Safe and OFTEC registered engineers today.


Boiler Installation Cardiff, Swansea, Newport & Throughout South Wales


Here at Eric Collier & Son, we understand that a new boiler isn’t always cheap, but with new advancements in energy-efficient technology, modern boilers can now reduce the heating costs in your home and business. By opting for a new and updated boiler, these savings can easily equate to the price you’d pay for a new boiler, which means you will get a return on your investment in the long run. If your boiler is approaching the 10-year mark, we strongly advise that you look into investing in a new boiler and taking advantage of our professional boiler installation service in Cardiff, Swansea, Newport and throughout South Wales.


Our boiler installation engineers undergo rigorous training to the highest of industry standards to ensure that they are effortlessly able to install any type of boiler for your home or business. From combination boilers and system boilers, to open vent and heating only boilers, our boiler installation engineers will have your new boiler up and running safely and efficiently in no time.

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What To Expect From Our Boiler Installation Service


Firstly, you can take advantage of our free no-obligation quote so you can see how much the boiler installation will roughly cost. We never surprise you with any additional fees or hidden costs as we are dedicated to providing you with a 100% trustworthy service. 


We will send out one of our local, friendly Gas Safe and OFTEC registered engineers from Cardiff, Swansea, or Newport to carry out a survey of your home and to estimate and advise on the costs and any other important information regarding the installation process. As every commercial and domestic property are different, costs will vary and reflect these differences. A full heating assessment will be carried out and you may find that your pipes could also need replacing. Our specialist boiler installation engineer will also provide an accurate time schedule for the installation process.


After one of our engineers has carried out the installation, our engineer will then register your boiler as Gas Safe registered. You will then receive a certificate which is a legal requirement for any boiler in any property.


What Are The Common Signs That Your Boiler Needs To Be Replaced?


As we have mentioned and stressed earlier, we advise that if your boiler is approaching the 10-year mark, then you should really be looking into investing in a new boiler. Even if an old boiler is still functioning, the older the boiler becomes, the more likely a boiler will encounter faults which can end up costing you money. There are however common signs that you can pick up on that will signal that you are in need of replacing your old boiler with a new and improved one. Here are the signs below:


Strange Noises


When boilers start to age, they tend to begin making odd and weird noises. This is because the parts within the boiler will start to wear out, and even though you have the option of just replacing worn out parts, it is much more cost-effective to replace a boiler than to have to keep on replacing old parts. If you hear hissing, popping or knocking sounds, then you should call us so one of our specialist engineers can come and examine your boiler.

Your Boiler Is Leaking 


If you encounter any sort of leak coming from your boiler, then you should call a boiler engineer immediately. This is because water could end up damaging your home or business, which means you will end up having to pay for repairs. Also, a boiler leak could end up developing into a carbon monoxide leak which could become a major health risk for your family or to employees in your area of work.

The Water Temperature Fluctuates


If the hot water in your home or commercial building is taking a while to warm up, or running hot and cold water irregularly, then this may be an indication that your boiler is on its way out. In some cases, repairs may be enough to handle the situation, however, if you find that you need to repair it more than once, the best solution is to opt for a new boiler.

Frequent Repairs


With any type of boiler, old or new, your boiler should be having an annual boiler service carried out by a professional and qualified engineer. In these cases, repairs may be appropriate, but if the boiler is in need of constant repairing, then the sensible solution is to have it replaced.


As your boiler is the key and most important part of your central heating system within your home or business, you should always ensure that your boiler is functioning efficiently. If you have an outdated boiler that is causing you heating problems, then you should start looking into replacing it with a new boiler. Here are some of the benefits of having a new boiler:


Improved energy efficiencyNew boilers are much more energy-efficient than older outdated boilers. Older boilers will be less energy efficient, which means they use up much more energy than the required amount to heat up your property. A new boiler on the other hand will help reduce your heating bills as they are optimised for efficiency which means less fuel required to heat your property. 


Sophisticated heating controlNew boilers will have heating controllers for TRVs and room thermostats, which will allow you to set temperatures separately in each room. 


Much quieter Due to updated designs with the use of smarter features and better materials, new boilers are much quieter than older boilers.


Smaller in sizeOlder boilers are generally large and often take up a lot of room. Unlike older boilers, new boilers are much smaller, allowing more storage space in your home.


With any type of boiler, old or new, your boiler should be having an annual boiler service carried out by a professional and qualified engineer. In these cases, repairs may be appropriate, but if the boiler is in need of constant repairing, then the sensible solution is to have it replaced.

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Our Boiler Installation Service – Why Choose Us?


When looking to install a new boiler, the prospect of having access to hot water and heating may convince you to rush into this process. Although it is advisable to act with a sense of urgency, having a new boiler installed without discussing the most appropriate type and size for your home could lead to further problems down the line. 


For this reason, we advise that you choose a reputable team of engineers that you can trust for your boiler installation service. Eric Collier & Son has local Engineers in Cardiff, Swansea and Newport with the expertise and knowledge to help you choose the most efficient and suitable boiler for both commercial and domestic properties. If you haven’t had a new boiler installed in the last 10 years or if you have encountered any issues with your old boiler, then contact our friendly team of specialist engineers today for a speedy and highly professional boiler installation in service. We also cover the whole of South Wales when providing our specialist boiler services. 


To enquire about our affordable boiler installation in Cardiff, Swansea, Newport, or anywhere in South Wales call us on 02920 508 711.

The cost of a boiler installation will vary across the UK, however, you can expect a starting price of around £1500 to replace and install a standard boiler. We offer a free initial quote and will determine the price after a survey of your home is conducted by one of our friendly and Gas Safe and OFTEC engineers.

On average, when replacing a like for like boiler, you can expect the installation service to take around 4-6 hours. Relocating your boiler to another part of your home will take 1-2 days but is very much dependent on each property and the location of the pipes. Upgrading from a standard system tank to a contemporary combination boiler will also take roughly 2 days.

Having your boiler repaired can sometimes be expensive and there is always the risk of your old boiler encountering more problems which means you will have to keep spending money. A new and updated boiler is much more reliable and will actually give you a return on your investment as modern boilers are much more energy-efficient, which means you can cut costs on your heating bills.

Any repairs or issues that are encountered with a boiler, and have not been inflicted by the tenant, it is up to the landlord to pay for a boiler maintenance and repair service. If the boiler needs replacing then it is up to them to also cover the costs. If you want to change a boiler that isn’t presenting any issues, then a landlord doesn’t have to replace a boiler.

The most common boiler in the UK is a combi-boiler. This is a single unit boiler that provides both heating and hot water and is best suited for average-sized and small-sized houses. If you have a large family or a bigger house with more bathrooms, then a system boiler will be a better option as these types of boilers can provide a more balanced supply of hot water

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