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Central Heating Repair Swansea

Our central heating engineers can carry out repairs on your central heating system in Swansea, Cardiff, Newport, and across South Wales. Central heating breakdowns can cause serious problems, especially in the freezing months which is why our engineers can respond to 24/7 emergency calls. Contact us today for more information about central heating repair Swansea.


Central Heating Repairs


With over 40 years experience, our team of highly trained central heating engineers are able to diagnose your central heating issue using top of the range equipment to provide you with an idea of the type of repair you may require. They, after consulting you, they will commence the central heating repairs Swansea on your system in your home or business property.


At Eric Collier and Son, our expert heating engineers can carry out all your central heating Cardiff needs including installation, maintenance, and repairs. They are fully trained and qualified so you can rest assured that you will be provided with a high-quality central heating service. We put customer service at the forefront of our business ethos so we will always be honest with all the work we are doing throughout the service so there will be no surprises in the bill. Our friendly experts are happy to answer any of your questions so call our Cardiff office today on 029 20 508711.


Central Heating Installation


If you have a commercial or domestic property which does not currently have a central heating system then you can count on Eric Collier and Son to install the best central heating Cardiff system for your needs. Central heating is worth the money as it can reduce your energy bills and create a more comfortable living environment. A good central heating system can keep you warm during the cold weather by efficiently heating your home. Eric Collier & Son can provide you with a cost and power effective heating solution for your property. When it comes to choosing the way to heat your home and property, we can supply you with a variety of options to suit your requirements. Our heating engineers are trained to install and repair many types of central heating and boiler systems including Combi Boilers, Conventional Boilers, and System Boilers.


Central Heating Cardiff
New Boiler Cardiff

Why a Modern Boiler is a Worthy Investment.

It is often overlooked that boiler technology is constantly evolving. Keeping up to date with boiler technology can be a good means of saving money in the long run. This is because new versions are far more energy efficient than the older systems. statistics indicated that older systems operate at approximately 60% less efficiency when compared to the new technology. It is seen that newer boiler units can operate at 80-90% efficiency; thereby, increasing energy efficiency and saving money on energy expenses. A new boiler Cardiff could just what you need to save money in the new year. Eric Collier and Son provide a gas and oil boiler fitting service in Cardiff. If a modern boiler sounds like something you are interested in, give our Cardiff office a call on 029 20 508711. We have devised some key criteria to consider when purchasing a new boiler in Cardiff.


Winter Boiler Maintenance Swansea

If you have experienced a heating failure during the winter in your home or business, you would probably say it was a horribly stressful experience. An easy way to prevent this from happening is to carry out quick and easy boiler maintenance as well as having your boiler serviced annually. Eric Collier and Son have compiled a list of boiler maintenance Swansea techniques that you can do yourself to keep your boiler working throughout winter.

Christmas can be an expensive time without the need to fork out even more money on boiler repairs or a boiler service. Carry out the following DIY maintenance tips now and make it your new year’s resolution to get a professional boiler service Swansea. We recommend having your boiler serviced once a year minimum. A regular servicing can ensure the longevity of your boiler and keep it working as efficiently as possible. At Eric Collier, our skilled gas safe heating engineers Swansea will evaluate your boiler on a date of your choosing. They will then provide you with a clear breakdown of any work that may be required on it. Call our Swansea office today on 01792 620688


Boiler Maintenance Swansea
Warm Air Heaters South Wales

What are Warm Air Heaters?

It’s getting toward the end of October which means winter is well and truly on its way. The clocks are going back/forward and the Christmas adverts are already appearing. Talk of the Christmas work do and whether you are doing an office secret Santa has probably begun. With all the Christmas cheer, you do not want to make your staff unmotivated by not providing a comfortable office. If your workspace is cold, employees will be less productive and more likely to be off ill. With warm airs heaters, you can easily heat your commercial space. Warm air heating is cost effective and comfortable, providing a pleasant working environment at a reasonable cost. Whether you are heating a factory, warehouse, workshop, showroom, or just about any other building, warm air heating can provide an effective solution. If you are based in Cardiff, Swansea, Newport, or elsewhere in South Wales, contact Eric Collier and Son today on 0845 2000100 to book your warm air heating service or installation.

Eric Collier and Son’s Warm Air Heaters Services

At Eric Collier and Son, we have an extensive range of warm air heaters which are all suitable for commercial or residential upgrades and new builds. Our current range of warm air heaters offers a replacement for any gas-fired air heater in the market. We are confident we will have the system to suit you and your budget and we offer a free review and quote if this is something you are considering. We can repair and maintain commercial catering equipment, air conditioning units, and warm air heaters. READ MORE

Boilers Services at Eric Collier and Son

At Eric Collier and Son Ltd, we are specialists in gas, oil and LPG boilers. Whether you need an installation, service or repair for your gas, oil or LPG appliance, Eric Collier and Son can provide a dedicated expert to help. Our service footprint covers Cardiff, Newport, Swansea and the rest of South Wales. Contact us today on 0845 2000100 for advice or a free quote.

Choosing a Boiler Fuel

Gas boilers are the most commonly used fuel source in the UK. However, nearly 3.6m households all around the UK have no relation with gas lines. This means they need to find off-grid alternatives to natural gas. More often than not, oil boilers are installed where there is no access to gas. Oil is not an environmentally friendly fuel source which is probably causing the increase in LPG being used as an alternative to gas instead. LPG use is still fairly low in comparison to gas and oil but we predict there will be continued growth in households making the switch to decrease their carbon footprint. READ MORE

Boilers – Gas vs Oil vs LPG

Emergency Boiler Repair Call-Out Cardiff

Emergency Boiler Repair CardiffBoilers are one of the most essential parts of our homes. Without them, we do not have access to heating or hot water which powers a lot of other devices such as washing machines and dishwashers. Boilers can also cause a lot of danger when they break down. Gas could be being leaked from your boiler without you even knowing. This is why it is so important that you have your boiler checked straightway if it breaks down. At Eric Collier & Son we provide an emergency call out service in Cardiff so that one of our expert boiler engineers can fix the problem for before it escalates. You will have a nice warm house with running hot water back in no time. READ MORE

Boiler Installation Swansea Service

Boiler Installation Swansea

Eric Collier & Son a proud to provide a friendly and efficient approach to boiler installation Swansea. We know that purchasing a new boiler is not always cheap. However, new technology and boiler efficiencies have seen modern boilers dramatically reduce the cost of your heating bills. These savings can easily equate to the price of a new boiler within a couple of years. Therefore, if your boiler is approaching the 10-year mark, we strongly recommend investing in a new, modern boiler. The increased efficiency could save you money in the long term.

Our boiler engineers are trained to the highest standards and can install any type of boiler in your house or business in Swansea. Whether you are after a combination boiler or an open vent boiler, our boiler installation Swansea engineers can have your new boiler up and running, safely and effectively, in no time. To find out more about our boiler services, please contact us on  0845 200010. READ MORE

Boiler Installation Swansea
Air Conditioning Cardiff

Air Conditioning Cardiff

It’s hard to believe but this summer the UK has actually had consistent sunshine and warm temperatures and it’s set to continue for the foreseeable future. England and Wales are simply not cut out for this kind of weather and when it strikes for longer than a week, we all seem to go into meltdown. At home, everyone has got every window open as far as possible, fans next to their beds and are living in minimal clothing. In work, smart dress has gone out the window and been replaced by shorts and t-shirts and all office workers have purchased a USB desk fan to make sat at their desk that little bit more bearable.

Air conditioning in other nearby countries such as France, Spain, Portugal and Italy is a common installation for homes and the workplace. For the most part, the UK doesn’t particularly have any desperate need for air con…until the temperature creeps up and you’re sat in a little office with one small window, sticking to your chair surrounded by 20 other sweaty people. Employers should really take it upon themselves to be ready for these sorts of situations as it really lowers productivity within the workplace.

If you think it’s about time your office had some air conditioning installed then please get in touch with one of our team. They will be more than happy to answer any questions about air conditioning Cardiff that you may have. Give us a call today on 029 20 508711 or get a free online quote.

Air Conditioning CardiffThe Systems We Offer

It is more than likely that you will be able to control the temperature in your home through the use of fans and is unlikely you will need to install an air conditioning system. If you have a large home, however, it may be something to consider. The main use of our air conditioning Cardiff is within the workplace, schools and hospitals.

At Eric Collier & Son, we know how important it is to maintain a cool and fresh environment where staff are able to comfortably work and interact. Our systems do not just limit themselves to summer use, they also allow you to stay warm and cosy in the winter. These kind of systems are perfect for the UK and it’s unpredictable weather conditions and temperatures. It will make a huge difference to your team’s motivation and efficiency.

  • Split systems – Allowing for different temperature controls
  • Down flow systems – Specifically designed for data centres and computer rooms
  • Heat recovery unit – Heat recovery ventilation systems, provide improved air quality and enhanced climate control.

Impact of Heat Stress

Heat stress can affect individuals in different ways and can take place in individuals at different temperatures. Some people are more susceptible to heat exhaustion and heat stroke than others. Some of the typical symptoms are:

  • an inability to concentrate
  • muscle cramps
  • heat rash
  • severe thirst – a late symptom of heat stress
  • fainting
  • heat exhaustion – fatigue, giddiness, nausea, headache, moist skin
  • heat stroke – hot dry skin, confusion, convulsions and eventual loss of consciousness. In rare occassions, severe heat stroke can lead to death if not quite early enough.

The Positives of Air Conditioning

The main positive of having air conditioning is obvious, it keeps you cool and refreshed and able to go about your day without feeling uncomfortable. Depending on the kind of office you have, it is much harder to get a breeze flowing and to cool down in warm weather without some kind of air conditioning system. Air conditioning supplies fresh, cooling air which reduces the body temperature back down to a normal level.

Keeping the temperature in the office down goes further than just keeping your team happy, it is also an important thing to consider when taking health and safety into consideration. There are laws that say a workplace should be a comfortable and acceptable temperature. The minimum an office should be is 16 degrees, there is no defined maximum but individual companies can take it upon themselves to decide on this.

Air-conditioning is especially necessary for work environments where equipment is generating a lot of heat when it is already warm outside. This is likely in places such as kitchens and bakeries, launderettes, factories, mechanics, boiler rooms and power plants, just to name a few. In many of these workplaces, air conditioning would be essential to not only keep staff cool but also for equipment and food to be kept at a reasonable temperature.

Get in Touch Today!

With all of the above considered, it could be time to get an air conditioning system for your office and increase your workers’ comfort and morale. Get in touch with our team on  029 20 508711 or go online and get a free quick quote so we can give you an estimated price for how much an air conditioning Cardiff will cost you and your business.

Boilers News & Updates by Eric Collier

Eric Collier and Son have been installing, maintaining and servicing all types of the electric, oil and gas boilers in the homes and businesses around Cardiff and South Wales for many years. It is very important that all of our engineers are Gas Safe Registered. They have experience and expertise in undertaking all heating and boiler services in your home or business property. In this article, Eric Collier will look at the latest news surrounding boilers and the industry. 

Gas Boilers & Cookers Could Be No More:Gas Cooker

Recently there has been a political discussion over whether we will continue to use gas for cookers and boilers in the UK. Jake Burham discusses this further:

Recently Under the Paris climate change deal, agreed by 195 countries last week, UK families could have to phase out cooking and heating with gas across the next 15 years, according to experts.

The United Nations agreement obliges nations to reduce greenhouse gases from 2020 onwards in an attempt to curb global warming.

The historic pledge – which is ambitiously aimed at limiting warming to “well below” 2C by the end of the century – was internationally lauded by politicians, with Barak Obama branding it a “turning point” for the world.

Experts have warned the UK’s commitment to the tougher targets will eradicate gas hobs and ovens and even gas-fired boilers – which are used by around 23million British homes.

Professor of energy policy at Sussex University Jim Watson said: “This will affect the power sector first, but as we move through to the 2030s and beyond we’ll have to find new ways of heating our homes and cooking our food.

“Whatever we move to next, people will be moving to similar levels of comfort and controllability, which engineers need to get on with.”

The Government’s Committee on Climate Change (CCC) is currently hunting for boiler alternatives to install in four million homes by 2030 – with each installation costing a staggering £12,000.

One of the alternatives considered by the Tories are heat pumps – devices which extract warmth from the ground or air – which could replace gas heating in homes by 2050.

Landlords Upgrading Boilers to Suit New Guidelines:

Boilers News and Updates
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