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Expert Heating, Boiler, Plumbing & AC Services in Neath - Fast, Reliable

Boiler, Heating, Plumbing and Air Conditioning Services in Neath and Surrounding Areas

Our dependable and trustworthy engineers have over 40 years of experience in heating, boiler, plumbing, and air conditioning work. With our team of fully qualified engineers, we offer our expert services all across Neath and the surrounding areas, with same-day callouts for emergencies. Make an appointment with our Gas Safe and OFTEC engineers today for our dependable and expert services. We cater to both residential and business clients for all our professional services.

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Your Local, Reliable Heating Engineers

Why Choose Eric Collier & Son For Your Boiler Service in Neath?


Do you have problems with your boiler, heating system, or plumbing in your home or business in Neath?


Our group of highly skilled local heating engineers serves Neath by offering dependable and qualified boiler repair, maintenance, and other heating services to both residential and business clients. You can be sure that your heating systems are in the best hands when you choose Eric Collier & Son because our fully qualified engineers have experience with all types of boilers and central heating systems, including gas, oil, and LPG appliances.

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Our Central Heating and Boiler Services in Neath


We can help you if you are having problems with the heating in your Neath home or business. We take great satisfaction in offering reasonable and competitive quotes that are always clarified before any work is done, ensuring that there are no unpleasant surprises when it comes time to make the payment. Being a family-run company, we take great pride in providing all of our Neath clients with first-class and honest service.


When you need help, contact our family-run business. We have established ourselves as one of the most trusted heating and boiler suppliers in Neath and throughout South Wales, thanks to our dedication to offering outstanding customer service.  


Our heating engineers in Neath and throughout South Wales offer both commercial and residential clients their full boiler and heating system expertise. We have a solid reputation as dependable industry professionals, and our team is fully qualified with all the required heating and boiler credentials. When we work for you, you can rest assured knowing that your heating needs will always be met by our experts, who always put exceptional service before anything else.


With an unwavering dedication to high-quality workmanship, Eric Collier & Son has been offering outstanding boiler and heating services for more than 40 years. Our company’s philosophy is based on providing high-quality services that prioritise our customers’ needs at all times. You can relax knowing that our heating specialists have the skills and knowledge necessary to tackle any task, no matter how big or small, when you choose us for your boiler and heating needs.


Both domestic and business clients can choose from a variety of flexible payment options that we offer, including interest-free terms for up to ten years.


Our Neath Heating and Boiler Services

  • Heating and Boiler Servicing
  • Heating and Boiler Maintenance
  • Heating and Boiler Repair Services
  • Emergency Heating and Boiler Repairs
  • Heating and Boiler Installation Services
  • Plumbing Repairs
  • Emergency Plumbing and Repairs
  • Plumbing Installation


Why Choose Us For Your Boiler Service in Neath?

  • Qualified and knowledgeable heating engineers in Neath, Cardiff, Swansea, and Newport
  • Our engineers are local, trustworthy, and friendly
  • We offer same-day boiler emergency services
  • Competitive boiler installation, repair and maintenance
  • Boiler emission safety checks
  • Visual inspections of your boiler system and pipework
  • We offer Landlord Gas Safety Checks and certification
  • We are CORGI, Gas Safe, and OFTEC-registered
  • We work alongside all major heating, boiler and air conditioning brands
  • 12-month guarantees are provided on all our boiler repairs
  • We offer bespoke commercial and domestic boiler maintenance contracts


It is crucial to arrange an annual boiler service to guarantee your boiler functions properly throughout the winter and to prevent expensive repairs later on. Our team of certified and experienced engineers will arrive promptly and work efficiently to provide a hassle-free heating and boiler system annual service. Invest in our knowledge today with a yearly boiler service to avoid having unplanned malfunctions ruin your winter.


Making an appointment for routine upkeep and an annual central heating service with our team at Eric Collier & Son will help avert any unforeseen problems. Give us a call at 029 20 508711 to schedule your annual boiler service in Neath.


Our team of skilled and knowledgeable local boiler engineers in Neath has a wealth of experience dealing with different kinds of heating systems, including well-known combi boiler models. In addition, we provide maintenance for oil-pressure burners, boilers, radiant heating systems, and air-to-heat pumps. Our professionals have the know-how and abilities needed to successfully handle any kind of heating and hot water appliance repair or maintenance work. You can be sure that when you work with us, your home in Neath, or place of business will stay warm during the winter months without any disruptions from malfunctioning machinery.


We provide quick and effective services to guarantee your boiler is always operating smoothly because we know how important it is to keep your Neath home or place of business warm and cosy during the winter. Our team of professionals will also provide you with insightful advice on how to take the best possible care of your system. We will be open and honest about our approach, with no upselling or hidden fees.


In addition to a variety of conventional boilers, gas boilers, electric boilers, and combi boilers, we are qualified and equipped to service, maintain, repair, and install a wide range of central heating systems and boiler types.


Over the past few years, heat pump technology has advanced significantly, and an increasing number of consumers are considering them as a viable option for their homes or businesses. 


Utilising the heat from the outside air to heat the house, air source heat pump technology is a renewable energy source (even in cold weather). Air-to-water source heat pumps are another name for them. As a result, your rooms are either heated through underfloor heating or radiators. A hot water cylinder can also be used to heat hot taps, showers, and baths.


For both residential and commercial properties, we service, maintain, and install oil-pressure burners, radiant heating systems, and air-source heat pumps. We can also perform a thorough site inspection to determine which is a good option for you.


By collaborating with leading air source heat pump manufacturers, we stay abreast of the most recent models and technical advancements so we can impart our expertise to our clients. To keep your energy expenses under control, we will make sure your heating system is operating at peak efficiency and productivity. Call 029 20 508711 to speak with us about our services; we would be pleased to assist you.

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Dependable and Skilled Boiler Servicing and Maintenance in Neath


Our certified Gas Safe boiler and service engineers will carry out a comprehensive examination of your boiler’s installation and any related pipework to guarantee that it is operating safely and at maximum efficiency. As soon as this is finished, we will turn your system on to check for any faults or inefficiencies that might later cause you problems. We will inspect your boiler controls and system components as part of your yearly boiler service. If you have a hot water cylinder, we will inspect it for problems or leaks and make sure your home or place of business has enough hot water. A boiler service usually takes no more than an hour to complete; however, the exact time depends on several variables, including the size, age, type, and condition of the heating system.

About Us


Our Neath team is dedicated to offering top-notch services while maintaining the highest safety standards during every step of your boiler service needs. We strive to leave you with a faultless boiler whenever we can.

If we determine that your boiler cannot be fixed, that its carbon emissions are too high, and that you cannot increase its energy efficiency to lower your rising energy costs, we might suggest installing a new boiler system. We will only take this action if required, and in the process, we will assist you in comprehending the price of a replacement boiler and determining which boiler model is best for your needs and the property. We understand that a new boiler or heating system is a big investment, and we understand there are not many people who can afford one outright. Because of this, we provide a variety of flexible payment options to both domestic and commercial clients, including interest-free financing for 10 years.

In all facets of our business, including our heating and boiler services in Neath, we at Eric Collier & Son place a high value on honesty and openness. After carefully checking your system for any problems or defects, our engineers will discuss any necessary repair work. You can be sure that you will get nothing but the best service when you use us as your go-to partner for heating and boiler maintenance and repairs.

We are dedicated to helping those in need, especially our senior Neath residents. Our OAP rates guarantee that no one must suffer from a cold or be without hot water in their home. When assisting members of our community, our family-run business takes great satisfaction in being dependable and kind.

If you live in Neath and need a heating system or boiler repair done quickly, contact our team of professionals. Our gas-safe engineers are experts at resolving issues with equipment of any size found in plant rooms, and they offer comprehensive servicing choices for all kinds of systems. We have years of experience and can offer expert boiler, plant room, and heating installation services. Please use our contact form or call 029 20 508711 to get in touch with us today.

We have extensive experience with a wide variety of residential and commercial boilers, including plant room systems, conventional boilers such as combi boilers, gas, electric, and oil boilers, and all types of heating systems. With our years of experience, we can guarantee that we will always provide high-quality services that satisfy your needs.

We can also offer guidance and assistance to businesses in Neath, and South Wales to help them understand their carbon footprint and how to lower it through energy-efficient business practices.

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Why Do I Need A Boiler Service?


With more than 40 years of experience in offering the best quality and value boiler servicing in Neath, along with all other necessary heating services for gas, oil, and LPG appliances, we are well-equipped and have the experience to provide our clients with the best advice possible to ensure their boilers remain in optimal operating condition.


We advise having a fully qualified engineer, like us, service your boiler at least once a year. A boiler service will assist in identifying any hidden problems that might worsen and necessitate expensive boiler repairs. Because harmful carbon monoxide poses a serious health risk, a broken boiler could be extremely dangerous for your family or your employees. Additionally, a boiler service can help you save money on energy costs because it guarantees that your boiler is operating at peak efficiency, which reduces energy output and operating costs.

Local Boiler Repair Swansea

Professional Boiler Repair In Neath


In the event of an unforeseen circumstance resulting in a malfunctioning boiler, our team at Eric Collier & Son is available to assist. Our qualified heating engineers can perform dependable boiler repairs on all popular boiler appliances, including combi, system, and heat-only boilers, with quick response times throughout Neath.


If your heating system or boiler in Neath is broken, do not delay in calling for dependable boiler repair for your residence or place of business.


Common Signs That Your Boiler May Need A Repair Service


  • Your taps or radiators are not producing any hot water or heat
  • Unusual sounds emanating from the boiler, like gurgling, whistling, or banging
  • There is no pilot light or the pilot light is a different colour
  • The thermostat is not functioning correctly, and it is showing the wrong temperature
  • Low boiler pressure because of a leak or the need for a replacement relief valve
  • Strange odours coming from the boiler
  • Seeping water or developing rust around your boiler?
  • The cost of your energy is rising
Boiler repair diagram

Neath Gas Safety Certificates: Landlord Accountabilities


To give landlords peace of mind that they are adhering to all relevant legal requirements, we offer gas safety certificates for rented residential and commercial properties.


It is your responsibility as a landlord to comply with legal requirements by having an annual gas safety check carried out at your rented property. You can rely on us to perform any required repairs as well as a thorough inspection and maintenance of all gas systems and appliances. Our goal is to assist in guaranteeing the security of both owners and tenants.

We take great satisfaction in making sure our customers have an excellent gas safety record. After completing all required inspections, our team of professionals will provide you with a landlord safety certificate. For your convenience, we service South Wales, the South West, Neath, Cardiff, Swansea, Newport, and Bridgend.


You do not have to worry about anything when it comes to your heating, plumbing, or air conditioning systems when you are dealing with our team.

Neath Air Conditioning Installation, Repair and Maintenance 


You can rely on our team of qualified air conditioning engineers if you live in or have a business in Neath, or anywhere in South Wales, and you need high-quality air conditioning services. We provide competitively priced, expert installation, servicing, and repair services to both residential and commercial clients in Neath and throughout South Wales. Give us a call today to speak with one of our specialists about your needs.


There are several considerations when selecting an air conditioner for your house or place of business. The available square footage, the intended cooling capacity, and financial limitations are a few of these. Relying on experts who specialise in installing and maintaining these systems is the best option if you want to guarantee peak performance right away. With our experience, you can relax knowing that every installation detail has been handled to ensure optimal comfort is attained year-round, free from any problems or disruptions.

Air Conditioning & Refrigeration

Air Conditioning Installation in Neath


Look no further than Eric Collier & Son if you are searching for a reliable air conditioning solution in South Wales communities, including Neath, Cardiff, Swansea, and Bridgend. Our team has a great deal of experience providing custom installations for homes, offices, loft conversions, apartments, bedrooms, and business spaces. We take great care when evaluating each project, and we recognise that every space is different. We will only recommend a solution that meets your needs, taking into account any constraints, such as space limitations or listed building requirements.


There are several ways to regulate the operation of an air conditioner after it is installed. We provide options for every cooling requirement, from split zones that let different areas of a building or home independently control their temperature to dedicated climate control panels and remote controls. Users can easily maintain comfortable temperatures in any space with these features, all without sacrificing efficiency or convenience.


At Eric Collier & Son, we recognise that, with so many options available, choosing the ideal air conditioning system can be difficult. Due to our team’s vast experience working with all major brands, including Mitsubishi and Daiken, we can provide objective advice on what will best suit the needs of each customer. When you are looking for the best AC unit for your home or business, you can rely on our knowledge and experience to ensure we install the best one for you. Being a family-run company with years of experience in the field, we put the highest priority on providing outstanding customer service and guaranteeing that each customer receives individualised attention throughout their journey with us.


From small, fitted models for personal use to large ones made especially to keep your workforce cool, our wide selection of air conditioning models meets every need. We are sure that our offerings will not let you down, especially with such a wide selection.


To get the most out of your air conditioner and increase its longevity, regular maintenance is necessary. You can enjoy a comfortable indoor environment and ultimately save money by doing this.


Sustaining maximum efficiency is essential to the success of any industrial facility. However, without routinely scheduled servicing, this cannot be accomplished. In addition to lowering indoor air quality, dirt and grime build up in air conditioning units from daily use of the cold temperatures they produce, which also causes the unit to work harder than it needs to. More energy consumption results from this added stress on an already overworked AC unit, which, if ignored for an extended period, can eventually cause damage.

How We Can Help


Routine maintenance services should always be given priority to ensure equipment is safe and in good working condition. Even heavily used machinery can continue to produce excellent results year after year with the right maintenance. Allow us to maintain the optimal performance of your plumbing, heating, air conditioning, and boiler systems in Neath with an annual service. We also guarantee that, in the event of a malfunction, we will be there to assist you and get you back up and running. 


Our knowledgeable professionals specialise in heating, boiler, and air conditioning unit maintenance in Neath, South Wales, and Bristol. With our experience, you can be sure that your systems will perform at their best, last longer, and require fewer repairs in the short and long term.


We provide a variety of flexible payment options to both domestic and commercial clients. With our finance plans, you can select interest-free over a 10-year term if applicable to the product you are purchasing.

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Other Services That We Provide For Commercial And Domestic Customers In Neath

In addition to boiler repair and maintenance, our trustworthy heating engineers in Neath can offer a variety of expert services, such as:

To inquire about any of these services, get in touch now.

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