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Emergency Boiler Repair Cardiff & Swansea, South Wales | 24/7 Call Outs

Emergency Boiler Repair Cardiff, Swansea, Newport And Throughout South Wales

Nothing ruins your week like a broken down boiler that requires emergency repair. Leave it to the team at Eric Collier & Son to get you up and running as soon as possible. With fully qualified Gas Safe and OFTEC registered local engineers, we can provide professional emergency boiler repair when you need it the most. Get emergency boiler repair anywhere in South Wales now.

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Emergency Boiler Repair in Cardiff, Swanse, Newport & Throughout South Wales

It’s a situation many of us have been in before, a broken-down boiler that is in need of maintenance. If a broken boiler occurs in the colder months, that need can quickly evolve to an emergency boiler repair.

In our experience, breakages are most likely to happen in autumn or winter, when they are being run the hardest. This is most common when a customer currently receives their central heating from an older boiler that has not been serviced, or in one that has not been used in a while as is often the case as the weather turns colder.

For most cases, we strongly recommend taking preventative measures to avoid the risk of needing an emergency boiler repair. By undertaking regular boiler servicing at the necessary intervals you instantly put yourself at less risk of going without heat or hot water in colder months, not only a potential health hazard but also expensive to fix. If you have an outdated boiler that keeps needing repairs, then our boiler installation service would be appropriate for you. This is where we will replace your old boiler with a new and improved energy-efficient one which can save you money on frequent repairs and even your heating bills. 

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Aren’t All Boiler Breakdowns Considered An Emergency?

It must be said that a broken down boiler is something you should fix at the highest priority. We would consider an emergency boiler repair to be an issue that leaves your home without heating, hot water or both. Sometimes errors will be intermittent and will need attention less urgently with a more standard boiler repair.

In certain scenarios, you may find that life is tolerable without a full functioning boiler for a few days. Given the range of gyms available to people in the modern-day, it’s not uncommon for our customers to utilise their facilities to shower while they await a booking slot, especially outside of winter.

At Eric Collier & Sons we are a family business, and we understand that there is a range of scenarios in which waiting will not suffice. In our experience needs for an urgent emergency repair include:

  • An issue that leaves the residence without heating, hot water or both
  • Homes with elderly residents, especially when living alone
  • Homes with vulnerable adults
  • Home with young children
  • If damage to the boiler is catastrophic (if you ever do smell gas in your home you should evacuate the premises immediately and inform National Gas Emergency Service on 0800 111 999)

Our commitment to helping the community is not only shown in our excellent service. We are proud to offer OAP discounts to our elderly customers to ensure no one need ever go without heat or hot water.

Why Choose Us For Your Emergency Boiler Repair?

We pride ourselves on having a friendly, family-led approach to business after over 40 years as heating engineers, and we have a lot of reasons to choose Eric Collier to fix your boiler in the event of an emergency. Here are just a selection of the reasons you should select us to help repair your boiler:

  • A 12 Month Guarantee On All Repairs
  • Free Quotations & Estimates – all before any work is carried out so you never get any hidden costs
  • We are OFTEC and Gas Safe registered – so no matter how your boiler is fueled we can service it 
  • As a company, we are proud to carry the government certified Trust Mark, and Safe Contractor approved. In short, we are always honest, reputable and operate with a safety-first mind set. 
  • We even have an OAP discount to ensure no-one has to go without heating or hot water no matter their age
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What Are The Most Common Issues That Require Emergency Boiler Repair?

Keeping your boiler in good shape is massively important for keeping your home or business property warm and more pleasant to work or live in, plus ensuring the safety of your home or business. 

Having a cold home or business can be uncomfortable and a severely broken boiler can mean dangerous gases are at risk of leaking into your home or business property. Often you will be unable to smell the gas that is leaked or notice the potentially dangerous issue that may be at danger of worsening, which a qualified heating engineer with the correct equipment will be able to detect quickly and effectively.

Regularly checking your boiler, radiators and hot water supply is important for maintaining your boiler’s health and prolonging its’ life. With over 40 years of experience of emergency boiler repairs, we have compiled a list of the common severe boiler problems that our customers have commonly encountered and have called out our heating engineers to diagnose and conduct and emergency repair. These include:

  • No heating or hot water available from radiators or taps
  • Odd noises from the boiler, such as banging, whistling or gurgling
  • Pilot light has gone out or is an unusual colour
  • Thermostat is working incorrectly and not showing correct temperature
  • Low boiler pressure due to a leak or a new relief valve being required
  • Odd smell emitting from the boiler or around the property
  • Water leaking or rust appearing around boiler

We recommend having your boiler regularly checked, at least once a year to ensure you keep your family, employees and property safe from any dangers relating to your boiler.

This is why we are trusted time and again by our clients be they from Cardiff, Swansea, Newport or anywhere else in the South of Wales; at Eric Collier and Son we put your needs first.  Contact us today to enquire about our scheduled or emergency boiler repairs.

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