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Air Conditioning Installation & Repair | Cardiff & South Wales


Serving Cardiff, South Wales and even across the river into Bristol. We provide air conditioning services for both domestic and commercial properties, including installation, servicing and repairs. If you’re looking to keep cool in the summer then give us a call today!

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Air Conditioning Installed, Repaired and Serviced Across South Wales & Bristol


As a family-run business for over 40 years, we know just how hot it can be working in the summer! Regardless of if you are looking to keep employees cool in the office or to turn your home into a chilled retreat from the sun, we can help.

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Air Conditioning Installation

Depending on the space available, budget and level of cooling required we offer a range of air conditioning units for installation. Fitting an air-con unit yourself may seem like the best solution to keep costs down, however, having an experienced and qualified professional install your air conditioning means your unit will be in full running order for years to come. 

Ranging from the smallest fitted air-con units all the way up to large units for keeping your workforce cool, at Eric Collier & Son we have decades of experience in installing air conditioning. Based in South Wales we service Cardiff, Swansea and we even now service Bristol, with a range of options for your air-con including:

  • Ceiling Mounted Air Conditioning – Both cassette and under-ceiling units
  • Wall Mounted Air Conditioning
  • Skirting Level Air Conditioning
  • Downflow Air Conditioning Systems – Specifically designed for data centres and computer rooms
  • Heat Recovery Unit – Heat recovery ventilation systems, provide improved air quality and enhanced climate control.

When controlling your newly installed air-con unit you have a range of choices depending on your needs. From remote controls to dedicated climate control panels, we can even use split zones to give multiple areas of your business control of the temperature in their section of the building.

When it comes to selecting the perfect model and brand for us to install, we are proud to have experience with all brands including Mitsubishi and Daiken. With no brand commissions or exclusive partnerships, at Eric Collier & Son we are more than happy to provide you with impartial advice based on your needs. With over 40 years experience and as a family business we pride ourselves on our friendly, customer-first attitude.

Air Conditioning Servicing

Keeping your air conditioner in full working order is important, it helps you get great day to day performance and critically extends the life span of the unit, saving you money in the long run.

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Even the finest industrial air conditioners cannot function at peak efficiency without regular scheduled servicing. As it goes about its daily business all air conditioning units begin to acquire dirt and grime, which not only affects air quality but makes your machine work harder. The harder your unit needs to work, through clogged filters and dirty condenser coils, the more energy is consumed and with that comes a much-added risk of the air conditioner is damaged.

Servicing air conditioning units across South Wales and Cardiff, we even recently extended our service area into Bristol. Give us a call today to improve the air quality of your air-con unit, increase its lifespan and decrease the cost of future repairs.

As a family-run business over the last 40 years, we have established a reputation as an honest, customer-first attitude. This means we will always be honest about costs upfront, so you are never shocked at the end of the service with an inflated bill.

Air Conditioning Repairs & Maintenance

Unfortunately, even the best air conditioning units break down from time to time and in our experience, this often comes at the hottest points of the year! While your air conditioning may not be running constantly when your business or home needs it’s never nice to be let down.

With over 40 years experience in the repairs and maintenance of air conditioning, we’ve seen every issue you can imagine and worked with all the major brands. Common issues we repair on both home and commercial units include:

  • Leaking water
  • A unit no longer cooling or heating
  • No power
  • A bad smell
  • Gas leaks
  • Noisy operating level
  • Poor performance

Costs to repair the above issues can vary wildly, depending on the brand, type and the scale of the issue. However, at Eric Collier & Son we have taken a customer-first attitude since day 1 of the business. This means when we repair your air conditioning unit we will take the time to assess the issue, discuss it with you and be clear on the costs to fix the machine before we undertake any work.

If your home or business is located in South Wales or Bristol we can help get your unit up and running again. Contact us today for a free, friendly estimate and to learn more about why we have been a local leader in air conditioning for decades.

Air Conditioning for Commercial Buildings & Businesses

We believe maintaining a nice, cool fresh working environment in the summer and keeping your team warm and cosy in the winter. It will make all the difference when it comes to motivating your workforce. Our qualified professional can help provide a welcoming atmosphere for your clients and customers, with the perfect air con unit for your business needs.

From the smallest offices to large warehousing we are more than prepared to cater to your needs, give us a call to discuss air conditioning for commercial or business use.

Air Conditioning for Homes & Flats

Many people nowdays prefer to upgrade their current home rather than move out. This can mean converting the attic into an extra bedroom or adding a conservatory. Regardless of the scale of change, a bigger home needs to be cooled and heated in a different way once you have made those changes.

In smaller spaces like conservatories, or even flats, heat can quickly make living and carrying out everyday activities difficult. Installing an air conditioning unit can be the ideal solution to making your home more comfortable in the winter months. We install and service a range of units depending on your needs, for example, you could be looking to cool your:

  • Bedroom
  • Attic
  • Conservatory
  • Flat
  • Bungalow

For new build homes, we can even help install full climate control systems that give you multiple points throughout your home to adjust the level of cooling as you see fit.

For more information on our air conditioning services for homes, contact us today. With a family-led, customer-first approach for over 40 years, we are always happy to advise impartially on any queries you may have. With a service base across South Wales and now even across to Bristol get in touch today for air-con in your home.

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