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Boiler Repair Cardiff & Swansea, South Wales | Expert Boiler Repairs

Professional Boiler Repair In Cardiff, Swansea, Newport And Throughout South Wales

Our specialist boiler repair engineers can offer you a thorough and trusted boiler repair service to the highest of industry standards. As all of our engineers are Gas Safe and OFTEC registered and undergo rigorous training, you can rest assured that you will receive a highly professional boiler repair service.

Commercial & Domestic Finance is available including Interest-Free. 12-month guarantee on all boiler repair work. For reliable boiler repair in local to you anywhere in Cardiff, Swansea, Newport or South Wales get in touch with our friendly team today.

The Leading Providers Of Boiler Repair In Cardiff, Swansea, Newport & Throughout South Wales 

A broken boiler can bring a certain level of inconvenience into your life, whether that’s in your home or at your place of work. If you’ve got no heating or hot water then getting your boiler repaired is not something you should put aside. As a team of dedicated boiler repair engineers with years of boiler repair experience, we strongly advise that you act fast and call a reputable team of professionals such as ourselves to minimise any further disruption. We pride ourselves on our first-class service to our local customers and the competitive local rates we offer to them. For affordable and reliable boiler repair in Cardiff, Swansea, Newport and throughout South Wales, call us now.

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The Most Common Boiler Repair Signs To Look Out For


If you encounter a boiler breakdown or your boiler experiences a fault, it can sometimes be a stressful experience. Boilers are by far one of the most dependable heating systems for your home and commercial premises. Although boilers are meant to withstand wear and tear and are built for longevity, you can always encounter an issue with your boiler. With over 40 years of experience in providing a first-class service for boiler repair anywhere in South Wales here are some of the most common signs that our fully qualified gas engineers have found to warrant our boiler repair service:


  •  No heating or hot water is available from radiators or taps
  • Odd noises from the boiler, such as banging, whistling or gurgling
  • The pilot light has gone out or is an unusual colour
  • The thermostat is not working correctly and not showing the correct temperature
  • Low boiler pressure due to a leak or a new relief valve being required
  • Odd smell emitting from the boiler or around the property
  • Water leaking or rust appearing around the boiler
  • Energy bills are getting higher than normal


The best way to avoid the need for boiler repair is to have an annual boiler service by a team of experienced heating engineers such as ourselves. This will ensure that your boiler is working efficiently and will help to detect faults early on before they escalate further where you will require boiler repair to be carried out.

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We Serve Both Domestic And Commercial Customers For Boiler Repairs In Cardiff, Swansea, Newport & Throughout South Wales

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Domestic Boiler Repair

When you encounter a broken boiler in your home, it can frustratingly come as an inconvenience and bring disruption into your life. Whenever you encounter one of the common signs that we have outlined above, act fast to protect your family and home and call us for our specialist boiler repair service. You can rest assured that our qualified engineers will prevent any further disruption.

Commercial Boiler Repair

As a business or property owner, an issue with your boiler could end up potentially causing a loss of revenue during your downtime. If you do not act fast and instead delay seeking professional help, the fault with your boiler could escalate. To ensure that your livelihood and reputation are protected in the event of a broken boiler, call Eric Collier and Son for a professional thorough boiler repair anywhere in South Wales.

With a vast knowledge of commercial and industrial boilers, we are equipped to match any issue that you may encounter. From emergency breakdowns to everyday minor issues, we can solve any problem and minimise downtimes with quick actions from our fully-accredited boiler repair engineers.

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Simple Checks To See If Your Boiler Is Broken

We strongly advise against you taking on a boiler repair yourself and should always seek a professional repair service to be carried out by qualified and Gas Safe registered engineers, such as the team here at Eric Collier & Son. However, there are some simple checks that you can carry out yourself before calling a heating engineer. If you require boiler repair in Cardiff, Swansea, Newport or anywhere in South Wales call us now on 02920 508711.

One of the first checks that you can do for your boiler is to see if there is any supply of electricity. Check to see if it’s plugged in and if it is but still has no power then contact your electricity provider. If you have experienced a power cut, there is a good chance that your boiler may just need a reset again.

If you suspect that your boiler is broken, one of the easiest checks that you can carry out is to check if there is any water supply in your home by simply running a tap. If there is no water running then your boiler may be broken.

For those with a gas boiler, if you have other gas-run appliances in your home, such as a stove, you can check to see if they are working. If the gas stopcock is switched on but there is now gas pulling through, then this will mean that there is a gas supply problem.

If you think your boiler is broken, checking the pressure gauge is always a good idea. When checking, you should take a look at the manual to see the correct pressure for your boiler. If the pressure is at the right level, then you may have a gas supply problem, which is when you should call a Gas Safe engineer to come and take a look.

If your boiler is running fine and fires up properly but your radiators don’t seem to be heating up then you can try bleeding them. Air can become trapped in radiators which are very common and bleeding them allows the trapped air to escape. This is possible to do by yourself and won’t need the assistance of a professional heating engineer. When bleeding your radiators, always ensure that your heating is switched off before as hot water could spray out.

Most modern boilers will contain a digital display pad where you can check to see if there are any error codes displaying if you suspect that your boiler is broken. Each boiler will have different error codes, usually displaying letters so you should always refer to the boiler manual.

Boiler Repair FAQ’s

In this situation, our gas safe registered engineers will address the issue and walk you through why the boiler cannot be repaired and then will offer you some other options. When a repair cannot be carried out, then a new boiler may be required. Check out our boiler installation service.

The cost of a boiler repair will be dependent on the extent of the damage and the repair needed to fix that damage. On average, however, a boiler repair cost in the UK is around £300, whilst costs can range from £100-£500. We will never charge you with any hidden costs and will always stick to the original quotation and estimate that we provide you.

All you need to do is give us a call or you can fill out our online contact form at the bottom of the page. Our phone numbers for different locations throughout South Wales are listed at the very top of the page.

The most effective way to avoid encountering boiler issues and needing to pay for a boiler repair is by having an annual boiler service to be carried out by a gas-safe registered engineer. Having an annual boil service will ensure that your boiler is running efficiently and to see if there are any potential harmful leaks.

If your boiler is between 10-15 years old and you encounter damage, then it can be quite expensive as spare parts are getting harder to come by. In these cases, a new boiler is a sensible investment as new boilers today are A-rated for energy efficiency and the risk of encountering any issues is very minimal.

The length of time a boiler repair service takes will be dependent on the type of repair needed for your boiler. For a simple replacement of a single part, the job can be carried out on average within one hour or two hours, however, a more complex repair that requires more parts could take up to a whole day or even more.

It is best to contact our team either by calling or by filling out an online contact form to receive a free no-obligation quote and estimate for your boiler.

We can carry out repairs on all gas or oil boilers, including combi boilers, heat-only boilers and system boilers.

Yes, we are pleased to offer a 12-month guarantee on all of our boiler repairs carried out for commercial and domestic clients.

Unsurprisingly, a broken boiler can be very inconvenient and can leave you without any hot water or heating in your home or office premises. However, a broken boiler also has the potential to become a harmful health risk as a broken boiler if left unchecked, could cause monoxide poisoning, fires or even explosions.

If you do happen to suspect a gas or carbon monoxide leak from your boiler, open all the doors and windows in your home and switch off your gas supply located at the meter immediately. You should not use any kind of naked flame, electrical switches or any other ignition sources in your home or office.

It’s best to contact the National Gas Emergency helpline right away:

Wales – 0800 002 001

England – 0800 111 999

Why Choose Us For Your Boiler Repair?


Here at Eric Collier and Son, we are dedicated to providing a friendly and family-led approach to business. As a team of specialist boiler repair engineers, we have been providing support to our customers within the Cardiff, Swansea, Newport and South Wales communities for over 40 years.


Here are just a selection of reasons why you should choose Eric Collier and Son for boiler repair in South Wales:


  • A 12 Month Guarantee On All Repairs
  • Free Quotations & Estimates – all before any work is carried out so you never get any hidden costs
  • We are OFTEC and Gas Safe registered – so no matter how your boiler is fueled we can service it 
  • As a company, we are proud to carry the government certified Trust Mark, and Safe Contractor approved. In short, we are always honest, reputable and operate with a safety-first mindset. 
  • We even have an OAP discount for boiler servicing, to ensure no one has to go without heating or hot water no matter their age


If you’re in need of urgent boiler repair in Cardiff, Swansea, Newport or the surrounding areas, we are here to help. We’re a family business at heart, always putting the needs of our customers first, whatever the situation. Whilst we also offer a boiler installation service by using the latest energy-efficient boilers, we only do so when absolutely necessary. We will do everything we can to get your broken boiler fixed and our friendly heating engineers will provide you with the best advice and practical solutions either over the phone or on location before any repairs take place.


We can also provide a reliable boiler service if your unit is in need of one. Just get in touch with a member from our team today.

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