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Top Boiler Problems in Cardiff | Eric Collier & Son Blogs

Top 3 faults with Boilers In Cardiff

Top 3 faults with Boilers In Cardiff

In Cardiff, the cool season stays at temperatures below 10°C. In the city of Cardiff, homeowners use central heating to keep their house warm. A house is warmed using central heating via piping that goes to your radiators and emanates heat throughout the rooms in your house. A boiler should be installed in an easy-to-access place in a home, like a bathroom, loft, lobby area, laundry room or cupboard in the kitchen. 

Airlocks in your pipes

Picture this, it’s a cold December evening in Cardiff and your boiler is struggling because of an airlock problem in your living room radiator. If air gets trapped in your heating system, then it will obstruct water from running continuously. You will see this reflected in your hot taps as they will be unable to run constantly, water comes out spluttering, and there is non water coming from your pipes despite the mains shut-off valve being open. 


Additionally, your radiators will fail to warm your home as different sections of the radiator will be at different temperatures, resulting in warm and cold spots. In order to sort this problem, you will have to bleed the radiators. This process will release air from the system and allow the water to flow freely once again. We don’t recommend attempting to fix your systems’ airlock problem unless you have some experience in plumbing. 


Central Heating and Leaky Pipes 

Nothing is worse than discovering dripping water by your boiler, especially as the Cardiff winter months guarantee the cold. If you notice a leak coming from your boiler, don’t be alarmed. There are a range of small problems that may be to blame. 


Before you speak to a professional, check the pressure in the outlet pope. It is a pipe that doesn’t have a seal. Its main purpose is to let out any extra pressure. As a result you may see the odd trickle, if you are stressing about a leak that is in fact a small trickle then there is no need to worry. However, if you notice a fair amount of water dripping from your boiler’s pressure outlet pipe, have a look at the pressure gauge. If the gauge reads green there’s no problem, but if it is red then get in touch with an experienced team of boiler repair professionals


Boiler Pilot Light Problems

A pilot light is the small flame in your boiler that is kept burning. Gas is sent to this burner when you turn on appliances like taps, radiators, and gas fireplaces.  If this light goes out you may think this is a quick fix. But this process must be approached with caution because it can be dangerous. The gas carries on flowing despite the flame being out, it will emanate constantly because it is not being burned. If the gas fills your room and you light the pilot light, there may be an explosion. Additionally, a dead pilot flame can result in a carbon monoxide leak, in the UK 440 hospital admissions per year in England and 40 deaths were due to carbon monoxide poisoning. To avoid any of these risks, we suggest getting in contact with an experienced team of central heating professionals that have the right credentials and accreditations to immediately address the problem to the correct standard.


In Cardiff, homeowners need to have a reliable boiler for those cold winter months. It is apparent that these boiler problems can be avoided and fixed with the help of an experienced central heating professional. Whether you are trying to fix airlocks or keep a pilot light lit, there is a need to keep your boiler in the best condition to provide you with the best performance. At Eric Collier, we suggest Cardiff homeowners and residents should give priority to their boiler’s health, as well as consider employing the central healing repair services from an experienced central heating professional.

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