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Make the Switch to Eco Friendly Heating | Eric Collier & Son

Make the Switch to Eco-Friendly Heating

Make the Switch to Eco-Friendly Heating

Switching to eco-friendly heating is a great idea, with the option of helping to contribute to decreasing energy consumption locally as well as nationally. Furthermore, you are contributing to a renewable and reliable energy source. Making the switch could involve investing in high-efficiency heating systems, using renewable energy sources like solar panels or simply improving the insulation in your home, making these moves can contribute to a huge impact on the environment.

By making the switch, you will not only be reducing your carbon footprint, but you will also be saving a lot of money in the long run, with no need for constant bills or repair issues.

What is an eco-friendly heating system?

An eco-friendly heating system is a heating system that is designed to reduce the impact on the environment by alternating energy sources into being renewable, reducing energy consumption and producing fewer greenhouse gases. The changes aim to dispense warmth and comfort while making sustainability a high priority. Some of the most common eco-friendly heating systems are.

Solar Heating

Solar heating is a type of renewable source that conducts energy from the sun, generating heat and electricity for homes and commercial areas. Thi creates amazing warmth and a pleasant environment to be in during harsh and cold weather conditions.

Geothermal Heating

Geothermal heating is a way of generating energy from underneath the earth’s surface, heating homes through a heat pump system. This is also seen as a lucrative option as it can add value to your home, so you will profit financially when you come to selling your home in the future.

Hydronic Heating Systems

Hydronic Heating systems use water or other types of liquids in a way that transfers heat, which is often transferred through radiant floor heating or baseboard radiators.

Why should I make the switch to eco-friendly heating?

Making the switch to eco-friendly heating is a positive switch that contributes to environmental sustainability, cost-effectiveness and personal well-being. By choosing to alternate your traditional heating system with an eco-friendly system, such as solar, geothermal, or biomass, you instantly decline your carbon footprint, helping to increase the positive impact of climate change.

As well as positively impacting the environment, you will be investing in highly efficient and reliable energy sources that translate to long-term savings on energy bill costs, which help to further invest in more renewable sources.

The costs of making the switch

The costs of switching from a traditional heating system to an eco-friendly heating system can vary depending on a series of factors, including the type of system that you choose, the size of your home, and how many you need. Here are some considerations when making the switch.

Initial investment

Although the initial price may seem overwhelming and scary due to its high price value, you can be assured that the long-term costs will work out cheaper than constantly paying your average heating bill.

Home Modifications

Having to adapt your home to a new heating system may come with high costs, like having to install radiant floor heating. The heating system that you install, cheap or expensive, may cause additional costs when having to adjust your home to fit around it, for example, having to install new flooring or amending roof tiles if solar panels damage them.

Energy Efficiency

Eco-friendly heating systems were initially created to be energy-efficient, meaning that we are reducing the waste of non-renewable energy used in the environment. Having high efficiency will mean that less energy is to be wasted in your household, which contributes significantly to lowering your utility bills, giving you the ability to save money in the long-run.

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