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Why You Need Air Conditioning This Summer | Eric Collier & Son

Why You Need Air Conditioning This Summer

Why You Need Air Conditioning This Summer

Beat The Heat

With summer finally here, it is easy to get caught up in the excitement of it all. Maybe you’re looking forward to that much deserved holiday break that you have planned all year or maybe you are glad to catch a bit more daylight after you finish work each day. Summer brings about a sense of freedom that you may not feel throughout the rest of the year. Suddenly, you may feel a lot more energetic than before.


In all of this excitement, it is easy to forget about any downsides to this sunny season, the inevitable insect bites, wasp stings and embarrassing sweat stains or sunburn. Luckily there are some problems which can be avoided. For anyone that has ever worked in an office or spends a lot of time inside during summer, you may be dreading the summer heat. In this day and age, opting for an air conditioning system has never been as affordable. Here at Eric Collier & Son, we offer a wide range of air conditioning and climate control systems to help you beat the heat this summer. If you are looking for air conditioning in Newport, Cardiff or Swansea then Eric Collier and Son will do their best to ensure that you are comfortably relaxed and cool this summer!

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History of Air Conditioning


Air conditioning was first invented in 1824 in order to preserve food when it was found that liquified ammonia could be used to chill the air when it evaporated. Chilling the air would then prevent bacteria from being able to grow and spoil food. Eventually, the first electrical air conditioning system was invented by Willis Haviland Carrier. This was then used to improve the manufacturing process in a printing plant as it allowed the humidity and temperature to be kept at a controlled level.


It wasn’t until 1928 that Freon was discovered. This new alternative was much safer than ammonia and it really opened the door to air conditioning becoming a viable option for residential, commercial and industrial use. Nowadays, air conditioning is seen as less of a luxury and many people see it as essential, whether this is in their car, home or office. Although air conditioning may have grown in popularity, many older cars or buildings may not be equipped with a high-quality air conditioning system and this can make the environment rather uncomfortable during the summer. With temperatures rising each year, investing in a reliable and high-quality air conditioning system is a very sensible idea.


Benefits of Air Conditioning

Man Installing Air Conditioning


So why is it so important to have an air conditioning system? The simple answer is that it will help you to beat the heat this summer, but there are also a variety of other reasons why you should consider installing one.


Firstly, an air conditioning system is one of the best ways to create a relaxed and chilled out environment. During a summer’s day, being able to retreat to a sufficiently air-conditioned property is essential. However, during the summer, the evenings can also be a very uncomfortable experience, especially when going to sleep. Although using a fan may prove to slightly reduce the impact, there is no competition in comparison. By reducing the heat in your home during the night, this can make it that much easier to consistently get a good night’s sleep. As anyone who has not had a sufficient amount of sleep will tell you, a good night’s sleep is one of the most important factors to consider in relation to your general well being as it tends to affect many other aspects in life.


For any commercial property, it is incredibly important to create an environment that is attractive to any potential customers. Many businesses will choose to do this by making the interior design of their property incredibly stylish and eye-catching. Many shops or restaurants will also create ambience by playing music to make the customer’s experience as enjoyable as possible. One thing that may be overlooked is the temperature of the premises. This is incredibly important in any shops that may draw in a large number of customers at one time as the increased body temperature can create a very uncomfortable environment. The installation of an air conditioning system can improve the environment of any commercial property and can, therefore, have a very positive effect on business.


Following on from the previous point, during the summer, working in an office can be a potentially uncomfortable experience. Without an effective way to keep the office at a reasonable temperature, it can often have an incredibly negative effect on the productivity of staff. This is partly due to the heat causing workers to become dehydrated throughout the day which can lead to a great number of problems, including the inability to focus which is evidently a huge problem at a place of work.


On top of this, as we have very quickly moved into the digital age, computers are now an integral part of any office space. Often each member of staff will have a computer as well as any servers or other it equipment. By having a higher temperature in the office there is always the risk that these systems may begin to become faulty, although this can be an annoyance if a member of staff’s computer begins to malfunction, it becomes even more of a problem if any data is lost if any equipment is damaged. In rare cases, this could cause a standstill in productivity for any office that relies heavily on IT systems.


Another benefit of having air conditioning or climate control within your property is that it removes the need to keep your windows open throughout the day. Although it may seem like a great idea to air out your home occasionally, it also poses a huge security risk. During the summer, thieves rely on homeowners leaving their windows open, especially on the ground floor. Many people may also believe that a window left open on the second floor will not be targeted by burglars but this actually far from the truth. Having air conditioning in your home allows you to leave your windows closed, making your home less of a target to burglars.


Furthermore, it isn’t just criminals that you should avoid letting in your home. There are a variety of insects and pests that also use any means of entering your home. Leaving your window open during the night in order to beat the heat can often result in waking up covered in bites. On top of this, there are also a variety of parasites and allergens that can lead to many different illnesses. For instance, an air conditioning system will reduce the chances of you suffering as severely from hayfever. For anyone that has suffered from hayfever, this benefit may be reason enough to consider installation.

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Eric Collier and Son


So if you are looking for a high-quality air conditioning or climate control system this summer then Eric Collier and Son are more than happy to help. Our team have many years of experience and can carry out installations in the South of Wales including in Cardiff, Swansea, and Newport. Contact us today or call us on 0845 200 0100.

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