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Top Picks For Festival Food This Year | Eric Collier and Son

Top Picks For Festival Food This Year

Top Picks For Festival Food This Year

With summer on the horizon, we are coming closer to festival season. Whether you are excited to visit one of the many food festivals across the UK or perhaps you are looking forward to listening to your favourite musicians at one of the many music festivals lined up this year, there are plenty of great options for food this summer!


Both food and music festivals provide a great platform for mobile caterers to reach a very large audience of hungry customers. Many restaurants have even opened up shop permanently after originally starting out on the festival scene. If you are interested in trying your hand in the mobile catering scene then there are many requirements that festivals require before you can sign up, including having an up to date gas safety certification. Here at Eric Collier and Son we have been installing LPG gas equipment for many years as well as performing LPG gas safety checks for a variety of caterers.


In this list, we will be running through a list of the top places to eat when you go to a festival. You are sure to see something that you like, whether you are looking for inspiration, or you are looking for the perfect place to eat while you are soaking up the sun.

vegan burger


Biff’s Jack Shack


The way that we consume food has definitely changed in recent years. As we focus on ways to reduce the effect that human beings have on the planet, there has been a huge increase in the popularity of plant-based diets. Because of this, there have been a huge number of solely vegetarian and vegan restaurants that have opened up. This may come as a surprise when you may have not even had a substantial vegan option at your favourite fast food establishment possibly even two years ago.


As plant-based diets have become more popular, vegetarian and vegan cuisine has become a lot more affordable and creative. Biff’s Jack Shack is no exception! If you are looking for vegan junk food, then Biff’s Jack Shack should definitely be on your list of food vans to visit this year. Based in the UK, Biff’s Jack Shack has become very popular in the festival food scene. They serve exceptionally tasty burgers that can hold their own against their meat counterpart. On top of this, their vegan fried chicken has a texture and taste that is truly delightful. If this sounds like something you would enjoy, you can find Biff’s Jack Shack at festivals such as Glastonbury and Download.

macaroni and cheese




This next food van is one for anyone that loves cheese. Anna-Maes have been serving their absolutely classic mac ‘n’ cheese at many festivals across the UK, including Glastonbury, Shambala and Green Man. Not only is the food to die for but they also offer their creamy mac ‘n’ cheese at a very affordable price. This is great for any festival-goers that aren’t looking to break the bank on fast food. They also offer a variety of toppings and sauces to make an otherwise delicious dish, even better. What’s more, is that you don’t even have to go to a festival to get your fix of cheesy goodness. Anna-Maes also regularly serves their divine mac ‘n’cheese recipe out of their trailer in London throughout the rest of the year.

pie and mash



Pieminster first hit the festival scene at Glastonbury Festival in 2004, serving mouth-watering pies for both meat lovers and vegans alike. After taking the festival scene by storm, Pieminster soon became a well-established franchise, starting off in Bristol and then opening many more stores across the UK.


You can still find Pieminster at many festivals, such as Shambala, Park Life and Cheltenham Jazz Festival. Pieminster tailor to a wide variety of dietary requirements with vegan and gluten-free options and have earned their incredible reputation. Did you know that even the Queen herself enjoys having Pieminster for her Christmas parties? Pieminster has also served food to a list of celebrities including The Rolling Stones and Robbie Williams!


On top of this, if you visit their restaurant in Nottingham, they also have their very own escape rooms where you can team up with your friends to solve puzzles to escape from a variety of different scenarios.


Finally, Pieminster only uses organic meats in their products and has inspired change through a variety of initiatives such as their “Pieminster Forest initiative” It is no wonder that Pieminster is so highly regarded today.






Paellaria has been serving festival goers paella for over 10 years. You will find Paellaria at festivals such as Shindig, Glastonbury and Bestival. There are many reasons that this food stall is on our list. Firstly, their stall is hard to ignore as it is very colourful and attractive to all of your senses. Another reason is that this also another a very cheap option for your dinner while you are at a festival and they are also very generous with their portion sizes.


Paellaria has a variety of options and is able to boast the fact that they only use the freshest ingredients including piquillo peppers, Brindasa Picante chorizo and local “red tractor” chicken. If you have certain dietary requirements then all of the paella served here is also gluten-free, the vegetarian option is also vegan so there is definitely something for everyone here!


cheese toastie

The Cheese Truck


The cheese truck is exactly what you think it would be, apart from the fact that it serves food out of what was once an ice cream truck! This is another great option for cheese lovers out there, serving melted cheese toasties to peckish customers. Although they have standard cheddar toasties, they also have a variety of options to add other ingredients to the sandwich, such as pulled pork, bacon and onions.


Starting out in 2014, The Cheese Truck has been cooking delicious cheesy sandwiches at festivals including Glastonbury, Green Man and Bestival. They also serve tomato soup, travelling around new haven when not being hired for a festival or catering event.


If you are a true foodie and are up for a challenge, they also run a good challenge, requiring you to eat 10 cheese toasties in an hour! We definitely would not suggest doing this after a night of drinking but it is definitely a fun addition for another great food truck on our list.

duck wrap


The Duck Truck


Our final pick for places to eat while at a festival is The Duck Truck. As you can imagine, they specialise in dishes containing duck as the main ingredient, from duck wraps to duck fat chips and scotch eggs. The wraps are almost like the wraps that you would get from your local Chinese takeaway but much bigger! If this sounds like something you would enjoy, The Duck Truck can be found at Glastonbury and Latitude Festival.




So if you are looking for a truly delicious meal to tuck into when you are visiting your next festival then we hope that we have given you plenty of options to choose from. Maybe you even think that you can do it better than some of the caterers on this list? If so, make sure that you regularly have all of your gas appliances checked and that you have an up to date LPG gas certificate so that you can legally sign your food truck up to serve food at one of the many music festivals in the UK this year. Maybe next year, we will be including your food van in our list of top picks for festival food.

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