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Oil Boiler Service Swansea

Keeping your oil boiler in your home or business in working order is important. If your boiler were to break or stop working, you will be left with no hot water or heating. This would be disastrous during the cold, winter months! Here at Eric Collier and Son, we have many years experience in boiler installation, repairs and servicing. This means you are in safe hands when calling us about your oil boiler service Swansea on 0845 2000100.


Boiler Services – Our Expert team is here to help!

Why should you get your boiler serviced annually? Experiencing a rise in your gas bill each month? This is just one of the many reasons why you should book in for our Boiler Service Swansea, and ensure that your boiler is safe and functioning correctly.

Eric Collier is able to help with a variety of boiler related problems and services. Get in touch with our expert team today!



Boiler Services
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