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Boilers News and Updates

Boilers News & Updates by Eric Collier

Eric Collier and Son have been installing, maintaining and servicing all types of the electric, oil and gas boilers in the homes and businesses around Cardiff and South Wales for many years. It is very important that all of our engineers are Gas Safe Registered. They have experience and expertise in undertaking all heating and boiler services in your home or business property. In this article, Eric Collier will look at the latest news surrounding boilers and the industry. 

Gas Boilers & Cookers Could Be No More:Gas Cooker

Recently there has been a political discussion over whether we will continue to use gas for cookers and boilers in the UK. Jake Burham discusses this further:

Recently Under the Paris climate change deal, agreed by 195 countries last week, UK families could have to phase out cooking and heating with gas across the next 15 years, according to experts.

The United Nations agreement obliges nations to reduce greenhouse gases from 2020 onwards in an attempt to curb global warming.

The historic pledge – which is ambitiously aimed at limiting warming to “well below” 2C by the end of the century – was internationally lauded by politicians, with Barak Obama branding it a “turning point” for the world.

Experts have warned the UK’s commitment to the tougher targets will eradicate gas hobs and ovens and even gas-fired boilers – which are used by around 23million British homes.

Professor of energy policy at Sussex University Jim Watson said: “This will affect the power sector first, but as we move through to the 2030s and beyond we’ll have to find new ways of heating our homes and cooking our food.

“Whatever we move to next, people will be moving to similar levels of comfort and controllability, which engineers need to get on with.”

The Government’s Committee on Climate Change (CCC) is currently hunting for boiler alternatives to install in four million homes by 2030 – with each installation costing a staggering £12,000.

One of the alternatives considered by the Tories are heat pumps – devices which extract warmth from the ground or air – which could replace gas heating in homes by 2050.

Landlords Upgrading Boilers to Suit New Guidelines:

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