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Tips & Tricks | Saving You Money on Your Bills This Winter | Eric Collier

How To Save Money On Your Heating Bills This Winter

How To Save Money On Your Heating Bills This Winter


Although snow is yet to have fallen there has been no shortage of ice-cold winter evenings. As temperatures drop it can get much more expensive to keep our home warm. Luckily, we have the perfect solution for you! Our team has put together some of the most effective tips and tricks to help save you money on your bills while still keeping you warm and cosy all winter long. 


Throw Another Layer on Instead of Turning The Temperature Up 


The first of our tips and tricks has to be one of the more obvious solutions to expensive heating bills. When relaxing within the home we have a tendency to dress like it’s summer when we the temperatures outside drop below zero degrees. Maybe this is because these are the clothes that we find most comfy or it’s simply the first one you find when the cupboard is open, whatever the case it may be time to put another layer of clothing on enabling you to turn the temperature of your home down. Even turning the temperature down a couple of degrees can contribute to saving a huge amount of money in the long run. 


Don’t Use Your Radiators To Dry Your Clothes 


A crucial part of your central heating system is the radiators which spread throughout the home. Perfectly designed to offer efficient heat distribution to all corners of your home, your radiators are key for keeping you and your family warm on the coldest of winter days. The efficiency of radiators can be hugely reduced when covering them with damp clothing items. The heat released from your covered radiators will be restricted by the clothing means a lot more energy is wasted when heating the room. A great solution to this is by using a drying rack to help dry your favourites outfits off instead of using the radiators. 


Fill Up Your Favourite Hot Water Bottle 


Found for as little as £10 a hot water bottle is definitely a very cost-effective investment for your home this winter. If you are living in a small flat or home by yourself there is simply no better way to stay warm on a budget. All you need to do is boil the kettle, fill the bottle up and stay warm for hours upon hours at minimal expense. As the hot water bottle provides a lot of heat you can easily reduce the temperature on your home which will result in a lot less energy being used to heat your home, therefore, saving you money on your bills. 


Find An Affordable Energy Supplier 


The large amounts of money that you are spending on your electricity bills may not be due to something you’re doing wrong inside of your home, it may be the case that your energy provider is charging you more than you should be paying. We recommend that you take a look at some of the other providers that are available to you and evaluate which one will be most cost-effective for your monthly usage. If you haven’t changed energy provider in over 5 years it will be very likely that there will be a package out there which is will be better than what you are currently paying. 


Add Another Layer of  Insulation To The Colder Rooms Within Home 


Every house has a particular room which may be colder than others, whether this can be caused by a slight draft or lack insulation there is no doubt that this room will be a spot where energy is going to waste. A great way to help keep these colder rooms within your home warmer is by using some quality insulation material. You can add this insulation to the walls or to the floor of the room and the result of this will be an improved energy efficiency which will help save you money when its time to pay the bills. 


Consider The Layout Of Colder Rooms of The Home 


The layout of the furniture within your home may be contributing to the large sum of money that you’re spending each month on your heating bills. If you have furniture items such as a sofa or a bed backing onto a radiator it reduces the energy efficiency of the radiator. This is because the foam found within your furniture will absorb a large amount of heat given off and will result in this heat going to waste instead of warming the rest of your room. By simply having a slight rearranging of the layout of your rooms you can move the large furniture items to a new location where they won’t be reducing the energy efficiency of your radiators. 


Keep All Your Curtains Drawn At Night 


Unknown to some, curtains really do help to keep your home insulated. This is because curtains act as a barrier between the cold windows and the heating kept within the rest of your home. It’s important that before you head off to bed you make sure that all the curtains have been drawn. This will help to keep the heat within your home for longer meaning that you don’t have to leave your heating on all night long. The less time that you need to keep your heating on for will mean the more money that is saved when it comes to the dreaded bills day. 


Get A Cosy Fire Started 


The winter months are definitely the perfect time to spend some more time with the family cuddled up watching your favourite movies. What better way to do so than with a beautiful fire going in the background to keep everyone warm and cosy. This will not only create the best movie environment but will also mean that you are able to turn off the heating and let the fire warm the home instead. This will result in a lot less money spend on your heating bills and all you need to do instead is burn through your firewood stock instead. 


Invest In High-Quality Roof Insulation 


One of the best ways to achieve a more energy-efficient home is by insulating your roof extensively. The reason for this is that it’s estimated that a whopping 25% of all the energy that is produced by your boiler escapes through your roof, this means its more important than ever to ensure your roof is fully insulated using high-quality material. A good rule of thumb is to make sure that your loft insulation is around 270 mm thick to be on the safe side. This ensures optimal heat is retained within your home and very little heat to waste. 


Treat Your Hot-Water Tank To A New Winter Jacket 


Winter is not always about treating yourself to a nice new jacket it may be time to treat your home to a lovely jacket as well to help keep it warm all winter long. Available from as little as £10, much cheaper than your next jacket, you can purchase a fully insulated jacket for your hot water tank to ensure very little heat is escaping resulting In less energy spent keeping warm water supply to your home. 


Invest In An Energy Efficient Boiler 


Without a doubt, the best way to keep your heating bills to a minimum during the coldest months of the year is by investing in a new state of the art energy efficient boiler. If you haven’t had your current boiler for over 10 years it may be time to consider looking at a replacement. The main reason for this is because as time passed by there are huge efforts made by the leading brands within the boiler industry to ensure energy efficiency constantly improves. By investing in a new boiler you will be saying goodbye to the old parts found within your boiler wasting energy and you can say hello to the dramatic decrease in heating bills thanks to your new boiler.


Turning The Heating Off Before Heading Off To Bed 

When we are sleeping there is much less of a need for our heating on, our blankets will keep us nice and warm during the cold winters nights so there is no need for you to be wasting energy on heating the rest of your home. By simply switching off your central heating before heading off to bed you will find that a lot less energy is wasted, therefore saving you money on your bills. Scared of waking up to a cold house, well, no need to worry there is a range of smart thermostats out there allowing you to start your heating wirelessly before having to step foot outside of the bed. 


Invest In A Programmable Thermostat

If you’re looking to keep your heating bills to a minimum is a great way to achieve this is by investing in a programmable thermostat. Giving you total control over when your home is heated you can set up a program that fits around your daily routine perfectly. By having a preset program in place you can leave in the morning without having to remember to turn off the boiler and then arrive home after a busy day with your home already warm for arrival with no energy wasted in between.

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