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New Boiler Cardiff | Gas and Oil Boiler Fitting and Services South Wales

New Boiler Cardiff

New Boiler Cardiff

Why a Modern Boiler is a Worthy Investment.

It is often overlooked that boiler technology is constantly evolving. Keeping up to date with boiler technology can be a good means of saving money in the long run. This is because new versions are far more energy efficient than the older systems. statistics indicated that older systems operate at approximately 60% less efficiency when compared to the new technology. It is seen that newer boiler units can operate at 80-90% efficiency; thereby, increasing energy efficiency and saving money on energy expenses. A new boiler Cardiff could just what you need to save money in the new year. Eric Collier and Son provide a gas and oil boiler fitting service in Cardiff. If a modern boiler sounds like something you are interested in, give our Cardiff office a call on 029 20 508711. We have devised some key criteria to consider when purchasing a new boiler in Cardiff.

Look At How The System Works

New Boiler Cardiff

As previously mentioned, new boiler technology has allowed new boilers to be far more efficient than older models. This is primarily due to the manner in which it operates. Therefore, it is an important method to look at how the system works when choosing your new boiler Cardiff. Unlike older boiler systems, new systems use the steam provided by heated water and reuse the energy instead of leaving it to escape through a vent. This means that less water is used or wasted and the water is only heated up when required, saving you money on your water bills. The reuse of water also means you do not need to fuss over preventing condensation in your home.


Make Sure A Modern Thermostat Is Part Of The Fitting

If you have decided to replace your boiler, then it is a good idea to ensure that the new boiler system uses updated thermostat controls. An updated thermostat control allows for simpler regulation of temperature ensuring that no heat is being wasted by having the water hotter than it is. Smart thermostats can be controlled by an app on your smartphone and come with many energy-saving features. Purchasing a new boiler which is compatible with your smart thermostat would be a great way to save money and hassle whenever your normal routine is disrupted.


Get Advice On What Fits Your Particular Needs

There is a wide variety of models of heating systems currently available on the market; therefore, it is important you obtain professional and reliable advice as to which is most suited for your needs. Which boiler is a suitable type will be dependent on the boiler location in your house as there are certain regulations that need to be considered. The regulations for installation can be identified and assessed using a trained engineer, and it is recommended you use a professional’s service before making a final decision about boiler installation. At Eric Coller, our boiler engineers can visit your property and offer you a no-obligation quote free of charge.


Don’t Make Price The Only Deciding Factor

We understand that a new boiler can be expensive, however, you should not be put off because the savings made by installing an energy efficient boiler, can make up for this in the long run. Also, don’t allow yourself to be put off by the price of having new boiler installations fitted as there may be local grants available dependent on your residential location. This is because certain local authorities encourage greener living which could result in you paying a fraction of what you think. Be sure to research greener initiatives when searching for a boiler installation to see if you qualify for benefits.


Eric Collier Can Install Your New Boiler Cardiff

Once you have chosen your new boiler Cardiff, Eric Collier and Son have expert boiler engineers who provide a professional and trustworthy service of a high standard. From emergency boiler breakdowns to the installation of your new eco-friendly boiler, whether it’s for your home or business, Eric Collier & Son can help. With over 4 decades of experience behind us and a business ethos where service and workmanship come first, your boiler is in safe hands when you call us. If you want any more information or advice, please do not hesitate to call a member of our Cardiff team on 029 20 508711.

Eric Collier and Son Ltd provide all out boiler and heating services in Cardiff, Newport, Swansea, and most of South Wales.

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