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Emergency Boiler Repair Cardiff | Trusted Boiler Repairs in South Wales

Emergency Boiler Repair Cardiff

Emergency Boiler Repair Cardiff

Emergency Boiler Repair Call-Out Cardiff

Emergency Boiler Repair CardiffBoilers are one of the most essential parts of our homes. Without them, we do not have access to heating or hot water which powers a lot of other devices such as washing machines and dishwashers. Boilers can also cause a lot of danger when they break down. Gas could be being leaked from your boiler without you even knowing. This is why it is so important that you have your boiler checked straightway if it breaks down. At Eric Collier & Son we provide an emergency call out service in Cardiff so that one of our expert boiler engineers can fix the problem for before it escalates. You will have a nice warm house with running hot water back in no time.

Trust Our Emergency Boiler Repair Cardiff

Eric Collier & Son now has over 40 years of experience in repairing, servicing, and installing boilers in Cardiff and the surrounding cities in South Wales. Our boiler engineers provide a top quality, friendly, and efficient service. You can rest assured that you can 100% trust us whenever you have a boiler emergency.

Keeping your boiler in shape is hugely important for keeping your home and/or business in as a comfortable and pleasant place to work or live. We recommend having your boiler regularly check by a professional. The more maintenance applied to your boiler, the more efficient it will operate and its life can be prolonged. Emergencies could be avoided if you allow an expert to pre-detect issues which are arising.

Emergencies do still happen, however big or small. The boiler engineers at Eric Collier & Son can advise you during the boiler check or over the phone about the work that needs doing and the costs. You can trust us to give our honest opinion. If we think your boiler can be fixed cheaply and easily, this is what we will do. If we believe your boiler is beyond fixing and you would be better off replacing it, we will give you the best possible quote for a new installation.

Some common call outs we receive include:

  • No heating or hot water available from radiators or taps
  • Odd noises from the boiler, such as a banging, whistling or gurgling
  • The pilot light has gone one or is an unusual colour
  • The thermostat is working incorrectly and not showing the correct temperature
  • Low boiler pressure due to a leak or a new relief valve being required
  • Odd small emitting from the boiler or around the property
  • Water leaking or rust appearing around the boiler

Not all of the issues above are emergencies but you can count on our engineers to still be able to get to you in an efficient and reasonable time to solve the problem.

Commercial Emergency Repairs Cardiff

At Eric Collier & Son we offer all our services for both commercial and domestic customers. We understand that when a problem occurs, such as a boiler breakdown, this can hit businesses hard. Your commercial property needs to be in a suitable condition for customers and staff. This means it should be kept at a comfortable temperature and definitely not have any dangerous gasses being released into the air. One small inconvenience can cause a lot of financial loss. You can count on Eric Collier & Son to have your boiler up and running or a new one installed in no time. Our emergency call-out service means we can be with you night and day to prevent any further damage and extra costs.

Cardiff emergency boiler repair call outsDomestic Emergency Boiler Repair Cardiff

We often associate our homes as comfortable places where we can relax with family after a long day at work. There is not much worse than returning home to a boiler breakdown. Modern day-to-day life depends on having a boiler to provide warmth to our home and appliances. If your boiler stops working, there may be a bigger problem which could be putting your family in danger. Gas could be leaking from your boiler without you even noticing. We highly recommend getting your boiler regularly checked by our experts as this will prevent emergencies from occurring. However, when an emergency does occur, you can trust Eric Collier & Son to provide a solution. Our emergency call-out service can be with you in no time, detect the problem, and fix it. Our services are affordable and trustworthy. If you currently have a boiler related emergency, contact us now on 029 20 508711.

Emergency Boiler Repair Cardiff

At Eric Collier & Son, we are proud of our reliable boiler repairs in Cardiff. No matter what the problem, our expert boiler engineers will be with you in no time. Our emergency boiler repair Cardiff service is second to none. We also offer all of our services in Newport, Swansea, and other cities across South Wales. Contact us today for more information on 029 20 508711.

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