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Elevating Home Comfort: Upgrading to a High-Pressure Combi Boiler on Westbourne Crescent, Cardiff CF14 2BL - Central Heating Cardiff, Swansea & South Wales

Elevating Home Comfort: Upgrading to a High-Pressure Combi Boiler on Westbourne Crescent, Cardiff CF14 2BL

Upgrade your heating system with a high-pressure combi boiler for consistent heat, improved water pressure, and energy efficiency. Discover the benefits in our Westbourne Crescent, Cardiff, case study.
Phil Collier July 8, 2024

Case Study: Replacing an Old Ideal Concord System with a High-Pressure Combi Boiler in a Large Detached House on Westbourne Crescent, Cardiff, CF14 2BL


As a heating engineer, I was recently tasked with upgrading the heating system in a large detached house on Westbourne Crescent, Cardiff, CF14 2BL. The homeowner had been experiencing several issues with their old Ideal Concord boiler and cylinder. This case study details the problems faced, the installation process of a new high-pressure combi boiler with thermostatic controls, and the benefits that followed the upgrade.

Assessing the Issues

The homeowner had been facing a range of issues with their old Ideal Concord boiler and cylinder system:

1. Inconsistent Heating: The old system struggled to provide consistent heating throughout the house, leading to cold spots and discomfort.

2. Low Water Pressure: The hot water pressure was insufficient, especially in the bathrooms located on the upper floors.

3. High Energy Bills: The inefficiency of the old boiler resulted in high energy consumption and increased utility bills.

4. Frequent Breakdowns: The ageing boiler required regular repairs, leading to inconvenience and additional costs.

5. Space Consumption: The boiler and separate cylinder took up significant space in the airing cupboard, limiting storage options.

Installation Process

The installation of a new high-pressure combi boiler with thermostatic controls involved several critical steps:

1. Initial Assessment

   - Conducted a thorough assessment of the existing heating system and identified the requirements for the new installation.

   - Discussed the homeowner’s needs and expectations, ensuring that the new system would address all the current issues.

2. Removal of Old System

   - Safely disconnected and removed the old Ideal Concord boiler and the hot water cylinder.

   - Ensured proper disposal of all obsolete components by environmental regulations.

3. Installation of High-Pressure Combi Boiler

   - Installed the new high-pressure combi boiler in a convenient location, optimising space usage.

   - Connected the boiler to the existing heating system, ensuring compatibility and efficient operation.

4. Installing Thermostatic Controls

   - Integrated modern thermostatic controls to allow precise temperature regulation and improved energy efficiency.

   - Placed thermostatic valves on radiators throughout the house for zoned heating control.

5. System Testing

   - Conducted a comprehensive testing of the new system to ensure all components were functioning correctly.

   - Checked water pressure, heating efficiency, and thermostat operations.

6. Homeowner Education

   - Provided the homeowner with detailed instructions on how to use the new combi boiler and thermostatic controls.

   - Offered tips on optimising the system for energy efficiency and comfort.

Benefits of the New System

The upgrade to a high-pressure combi boiler with thermostatic controls brought numerous benefits to the homeowner:

1. Consistent Heating

   - The new system provided consistent and reliable heating throughout the entire house, eliminating cold spots and enhancing comfort.

2. Improved Water Pressure

   - The high-pressure combi boiler ensured strong and consistent water pressure, even in the bathrooms on the upper floors.

3. Energy Efficiency

   - The modern boiler’s high efficiency reduced energy consumption, resulting in significantly lower utility bills.

4. Reliability

   - The new boiler’s robust performance and reduced need for maintenance minimized disruptions and repair costs.

5. Space Saving

   - By replacing the old boiler and cylinder with a single combi unit, significant space was freed up in the airing cupboard for storage.

6. Enhanced Control

   - The thermostatic controls allowed the homeowner to precisely manage the heating system, tailoring the temperature to different zones and times of day for maximum comfort and efficiency.

7. Environmental Impact

   - The energy-efficient boiler reduced the household’s carbon footprint, contributing to environmental sustainability.


The replacement of the old Ideal Concord boiler and cylinder with a new high-pressure combi boiler and thermostatic controls in the large detached house on Westbourne Crescent, Cardiff, CF14 2BL, was a successful upgrade. The homeowner now enjoys consistent heating, improved water pressure, lower energy bills, and enhanced control over their heating system. This case study underscores the importance of modern, efficient heating solutions in providing comfort and reducing costs for homeowners. If you’re experiencing similar issues with your heating system, consider upgrading to a high-pressure combi boiler with advanced controls for a more efficient and reliable solution.

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