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Jack McGivern, Author at Central Heating Cardiff, Swansea & South Wales

Author: Jack McGivernJack McGivern works for Eric Collier and Son as a marketing specialist.

During the winter months, it is imperative to keep your boiler in tip-top condition to keep your home and family toasty warm throughout the colder months. Experiencing heating failures during the winter in your home or even your business can be a very stressful experience. A very easy way to prevent this from happening is to have quick and easy boiler maintenance as well as having your boiler serviced annually. Eric Collier and Son carry out oil boiler services and repairs which will help you keep your boiler working throughout the winter.

Eric Collier and Sons carry out professional boiler services in South Wales. We would recommend having your boiler serviced once a year minimum as regular servicing can ensure the longevity of your boiler and keep it working as efficiently as possible throughout the whole year. We have an experienced and qualified team here at Eric Collier who would be more than happy to provide you with a clear breakdown of any work that may need to be done on your boiler or answer any other questions you may have. Call us today on 01633 730 922.

How Does Oil Central Heating Work? 

Boiler Repairs

Oil fired central heating is usually used in ‘wet’ heating systems when an oil fired boiler heats water that will then provide central heating through the radiators which are placed around your home. The oil will be delivered by truck and will then be stored in a tank. Boilers must have a minimum seasonal efficiency value of 86% according to building regulations. 

Advantages Of Oil Central Heating Boilers

Increased Efficiency – A boiler service can improve boiler efficiency by up to 15% which results in a greener home and reduced energy bills.

Increased Reliability – Regular boiler servicing results in a decreased chance of breakdown which leads to more convenient life for you.  

Convenient Servicing – Instead of waiting for your boiler to break down, having your boiler serviced regularly means you can choose a time that is convenient for you. 

Oil Boiler Services 


It is highly recommended that you get your boiler serviced at least once a year. Having your boiler serviced often guarantees that your heating system will be running smoothly, efficiently and will also make sure that no oil will go to waste when it is in operation. An oil boiler service will ensure that any small problems are dealt with which will prevent expensive repairs being made in the future. The main things that are checked during a boiler service include inspections of the boilers pipework, cleaned and reassembled. Finally, the oil boiler will be given a combustion test which will ensure that it is in proper working order. 

Although not strictly a legal requirement as yet, Eric Collier would suggest that you get your gas or oil appliances serviced regularly by a Gas Safe or Oftec registered engineer. With the introduction of the Home Buyers pack you need to show that you are doing the appropriate maintenance to your oil appliances, this will be vital if you plan on selling your home at a later date. 

Oil Boiler Repairs 

To keep your oil central heating system running as good as new, you will need to address any fault you find immediately by hiring a professional at Eric Collier who is registered with the Oil Firing Technical Association (OFTEC). Even if you believe yourself to be quite proficient at household DIY, an oil fuelled boiler shouldn’t be tampered with unless you’re absolutely sure at what you’re doing. 

Oil Boiler Brands 


Oil boilers use a stored supply of oil to generate heat or hot water within a property and are popular for use in properties where there is no direct access to the mains gas grid. All of the Worcester Oil Boilers are fully ErP compliant, falling in line with current heating legislation. 


Grant has developed some of the most innovative and efficient oil-fired boilers in the United Kingdom and Ireland. Grant boilers are designed and manufactured to the highest standards so you can be confident in their durability and efficiency. 


Firebird is market-leading manufacturers of heating products with a proven track record built on the global supply of heating systems. The Firebird name has become synonymous with performance, quality and innovative design.

Oil Boiler Services In South Wales 

Eric Collier & Sons are experts at working with all types of energy-efficient fuels and equipment. You can rest assured that when you call us. Whether you’re looking for eco-friendly fuel for your home or business we have exactly what you need. Eric Collier & Sons have all the skills and experience needed to get the job done professionally. So, if you are looking for ‘oil boiler services’ Get in touch today and see how the team here can help you. 




Although snow is yet to have fallen there has been no shortage of ice-cold winter evenings. As temperatures drop it can get much more expensive to keep our home warm. Luckily, we have the perfect solution for you! Our team has put together some of the most effective tips and tricks to help save you money on your bills while still keeping you warm and cosy all winter long. 


Throw Another Layer on Instead of Turning The Temperature Up 


The first of our tips and tricks has to be one of the more obvious solutions to expensive heating bills. When relaxing within the home we have a tendency to dress like it’s summer when we the temperatures outside drop below zero degrees. Maybe this is because these are the clothes that we find most comfy or it’s simply the first one you find when the cupboard is open, whatever the case it may be time to put another layer of clothing on enabling you to turn the temperature of your home down. Even turning the temperature down a couple of degrees can contribute to saving a huge amount of money in the long run. 


Don’t Use Your Radiators To Dry Your Clothes 


A crucial part of your central heating system is the radiators which spread throughout the home. Perfectly designed to offer efficient heat distribution to all corners of your home, your radiators are key for keeping you and your family warm on the coldest of winter days. The efficiency of radiators can be hugely reduced when covering them with damp clothing items. The heat released from your covered radiators will be restricted by the clothing means a lot more energy is wasted when heating the room. A great solution to this is by using a drying rack to help dry your favourites outfits off instead of using the radiators. 


Fill Up Your Favourite Hot Water Bottle 


Found for as little as £10 a hot water bottle is definitely a very cost-effective investment for your home this winter. If you are living in a small flat or home by yourself there is simply no better way to stay warm on a budget. All you need to do is boil the kettle, fill the bottle up and stay warm for hours upon hours at minimal expense. As the hot water bottle provides a lot of heat you can easily reduce the temperature on your home which will result in a lot less energy being used to heat your home, therefore, saving you money on your bills. 


Find An Affordable Energy Supplier 


The large amounts of money that you are spending on your electricity bills may not be due to something you’re doing wrong inside of your home, it may be the case that your energy provider is charging you more than you should be paying. We recommend that you take a look at some of the other providers that are available to you and evaluate which one will be most cost-effective for your monthly usage. If you haven’t changed energy provider in over 5 years it will be very likely that there will be a package out there which is will be better than what you are currently paying. 


Add Another Layer of  Insulation To The Colder Rooms Within Home  


Every house has a particular room which may be colder than others, whether this can be caused by a slight draft or lack insulation there is no doubt that this room will be a spot where energy is going to waste. A great way to help keep these colder rooms within your home warmer is by using some quality insulation material. You can add this insulation to the walls or to the floor of the room and the result of this will be an improved energy efficiency which will help save you money when its time to pay the bills. 


Consider The Layout Of Colder Rooms of The Home 


The layout of the furniture within your home may be contributing to the large sum of money that you’re spending each month on your heating bills. If you have furniture items such as a sofa or a bed backing onto a radiator it reduces the energy efficiency of the radiator. This is because the foam found within your furniture will absorb a large amount of heat given off and will result in this heat going to waste instead of warming the rest of your room. By simply having a slight rearranging of the layout of your rooms you can move the large furniture items to a new location where they won’t be reducing the energy efficiency of your radiators. 


Keep All Your Curtains Drawn At Night 


Unknown to some, curtains really do help to keep your home insulated. This is because curtains act as a barrier between the cold windows and the heating kept within the rest of your home. It’s important that before you head off to bed you make sure that all the curtains have been drawn. This will help to keep the heat within your home for longer meaning that you don’t have to leave your heating on all night long. The less time that you need to keep your heating on for will mean the more money that is saved when it comes to the dreaded bills day. 


Get A Cosy Fire Started  


The winter months are definitely the perfect time to spend some more time with the family cuddled up watching your favourite movies. What better way to do so than with a beautiful fire going in the background to keep everyone warm and cosy. This will not only create the best movie environment but will also mean that you are able to turn off the heating and let the fire warm the home instead. This will result in a lot less money spend on your heating bills and all you need to do instead is burn through your firewood stock instead. 


Invest In High-Quality Roof Insulation 


One of the best ways to achieve a more energy-efficient home is by insulating your roof extensively. The reason for this is that it’s estimated that a whopping 25% of all the energy that is produced by your boiler escapes through your roof, this means its more important than ever to ensure your roof is fully insulated using high-quality material. A good rule of thumb is to make sure that your loft insulation is around 270 mm thick to be on the safe side. This ensures optimal heat is retained within your home and very little heat to waste. 


Treat Your Hot-Water Tank To A New Winter Jacket 


Winter is not always about treating yourself to a nice new jacket it may be time to treat your home to a lovely jacket as well to help keep it warm all winter long. Available from as little as £10, much cheaper than your next jacket, you can purchase a fully insulated jacket for your hot water tank to ensure very little heat is escaping resulting In less energy spent keeping warm water supply to your home. 


Invest In An Energy Efficient Boiler 


Without a doubt, the best way to keep your heating bills to a minimum during the coldest months of the year is by investing in a new state of the art energy efficient boiler. If you haven’t had your current boiler for over 10 years it may be time to consider looking at a replacement. The main reason for this is because as time passed by there are huge efforts made by the leading brands within the boiler industry to ensure energy efficiency constantly improves. By investing in a new boiler you will be saying goodbye to the old parts found within your boiler wasting energy and you can say hello to the dramatic decrease in heating bills thanks to your new boiler.


Turning The Heating Off Before Heading Off To Bed 

When we are sleeping there is much less of a need for our heating on, our blankets will keep us nice and warm during the cold winters nights so there is no need for you to be wasting energy on heating the rest of your home. By simply switching off your central heating before heading off to bed you will find that a lot less energy is wasted, therefore saving you money on your bills. Scared of waking up to a cold house, well, no need to worry there is a range of smart thermostats out there allowing you to start your heating wirelessly before having to step foot outside of the bed. 


Invest In A Programmable Thermostat

If you’re looking to keep your heating bills to a minimum is a great way to achieve this is by investing in a programmable thermostat. Giving you total control over when your home is heated you can set up a program that fits around your daily routine perfectly. By having a preset program in place you can leave in the morning without having to remember to turn off the boiler and then arrive home after a busy day with your home already warm for arrival with no energy wasted in between.

How To Save Money On Your Heating Bills This Winter
Why You Need Air Conditioning This Summer

Beat The Heat

With summer finally here, it is easy to get caught up in the excitement of it all. Maybe you’re looking forward to that much deserved holiday break that you have planned all year or maybe you are glad to catch a bit more daylight after you finish work each day. Summer brings about a sense of freedom that you may not feel throughout the rest of the year. Suddenly, you may feel a lot more energetic than before.


In all of this excitement, it is easy to forget about any downsides to this sunny season, the inevitable insect bites, wasp stings and embarrassing sweat stains or sunburn. Luckily there are some problems which can be avoided. For anyone that has ever worked in an office or spends a lot of time inside during summer, you may be dreading the summer heat. In this day and age, opting for an air conditioning system has never been as affordable. Here at Eric Collier & Son, we offer a wide range of air conditioning and climate control systems to help you beat the heat this summer. If you are looking for air conditioning in Newport, Cardiff or Swansea then Eric Collier and Son will do their best to ensure that you are comfortably relaxed and cool this summer!

Woman relaxing with air conditioning

History of Air Conditioning


Air conditioning was first invented in 1824 in order to preserve food when it was found that liquified ammonia could be used to chill the air when it evaporated. Chilling the air would then prevent bacteria from being able to grow and spoil food. Eventually, the first electrical air conditioning system was invented by Willis Haviland Carrier. This was then used to improve the manufacturing process in a printing plant as it allowed the humidity and temperature to be kept at a controlled level.


It wasn’t until 1928 that Freon was discovered. This new alternative was much safer than ammonia and it really opened the door to air conditioning becoming a viable option for residential, commercial and industrial use. Nowadays, air conditioning is seen as less of a luxury and many people see it as essential, whether this is in their car, home or office. Although air conditioning may have grown in popularity, many older cars or buildings may not be equipped with a high-quality air conditioning system and this can make the environment rather uncomfortable during the summer. With temperatures rising each year, investing in a reliable and high-quality air conditioning system is a very sensible idea.


Benefits of Air Conditioning

Man Installing Air Conditioning


So why is it so important to have an air conditioning system? The simple answer is that it will help you to beat the heat this summer, but there are also a variety of other reasons why you should consider installing one.


Firstly, an air conditioning system is one of the best ways to create a relaxed and chilled out environment. During a summer’s day, being able to retreat to a sufficiently air-conditioned property is essential. However, during the summer, the evenings can also be a very uncomfortable experience, especially when going to sleep. Although using a fan may prove to slightly reduce the impact, there is no competition in comparison. By reducing the heat in your home during the night, this can make it that much easier to consistently get a good night’s sleep. As anyone who has not had a sufficient amount of sleep will tell you, a good night’s sleep is one of the most important factors to consider in relation to your general well being as it tends to affect many other aspects in life.


For any commercial property, it is incredibly important to create an environment that is attractive to any potential customers. Many businesses will choose to do this by making the interior design of their property incredibly stylish and eye-catching. Many shops or restaurants will also create ambience by playing music to make the customer’s experience as enjoyable as possible. One thing that may be overlooked is the temperature of the premises. This is incredibly important in any shops that may draw in a large number of customers at one time as the increased body temperature can create a very uncomfortable environment. The installation of an air conditioning system can improve the environment of any commercial property and can, therefore, have a very positive effect on business.


Following on from the previous point, during the summer, working in an office can be a potentially uncomfortable experience. Without an effective way to keep the office at a reasonable temperature, it can often have an incredibly negative effect on the productivity of staff. This is partly due to the heat causing workers to become dehydrated throughout the day which can lead to a great number of problems, including the inability to focus which is evidently a huge problem at a place of work.


On top of this, as we have very quickly moved into the digital age, computers are now an integral part of any office space. Often each member of staff will have a computer as well as any servers or other it equipment. By having a higher temperature in the office there is always the risk that these systems may begin to become faulty, although this can be an annoyance if a member of staff’s computer begins to malfunction, it becomes even more of a problem if any data is lost if any equipment is damaged. In rare cases, this could cause a standstill in productivity for any office that relies heavily on IT systems.


Another benefit of having air conditioning or climate control within your property is that it removes the need to keep your windows open throughout the day. Although it may seem like a great idea to air out your home occasionally, it also poses a huge security risk. During the summer, thieves rely on homeowners leaving their windows open, especially on the ground floor. Many people may also believe that a window left open on the second floor will not be targeted by burglars but this actually far from the truth. Having air conditioning in your home allows you to leave your windows closed, making your home less of a target to burglars.


Furthermore, it isn’t just criminals that you should avoid letting in your home. There are a variety of insects and pests that also use any means of entering your home. Leaving your window open during the night in order to beat the heat can often result in waking up covered in bites. On top of this, there are also a variety of parasites and allergens that can lead to many different illnesses. For instance, an air conditioning system will reduce the chances of you suffering as severely from hayfever. For anyone that has suffered from hayfever, this benefit may be reason enough to consider installation.

Smiling Man Turning on Air Conditioning

Eric Collier and Son


So if you are looking for a high-quality air conditioning or climate control system this summer then Eric Collier and Son are more than happy to help. Our team have many years of experience and can carry out installations in the South of Wales including in Cardiff, Swansea, and Newport. Contact us today or call us on 0845 200 0100.

With summer on the horizon, we are coming closer to festival season. Whether you are excited to visit one of the many food festivals across the UK or perhaps you are looking forward to listening to your favourite musicians at one of the many music festivals lined up this year, there are plenty of great options for food this summer!


Both food and music festivals provide a great platform for mobile caterers to reach a very large audience of hungry customers. Many restaurants have even opened up shop permanently after originally starting out on the festival scene. If you are interested in trying your hand in the mobile catering scene then there are many requirements that festivals require before you can sign up, including having an up to date gas safety certification. Here at Eric Collier and Son we have been installing LPG gas equipment for many years as well as performing LPG gas safety checks for a variety of caterers.


In this list, we will be running through a list of the top places to eat when you go to a festival. You are sure to see something that you like, whether you are looking for inspiration, or you are looking for the perfect place to eat while you are soaking up the sun.

vegan burger


Biff’s Jack Shack


The way that we consume food has definitely changed in recent years. As we focus on ways to reduce the effect that human beings have on the planet, there has been a huge increase in the popularity of plant-based diets. Because of this, there have been a huge number of solely vegetarian and vegan restaurants that have opened up. This may come as a surprise when you may have not even had a substantial vegan option at your favourite fast food establishment possibly even two years ago.


As plant-based diets have become more popular, vegetarian and vegan cuisine has become a lot more affordable and creative. Biff’s Jack Shack is no exception! If you are looking for vegan junk food, then Biff’s Jack Shack should definitely be on your list of food vans to visit this year. Based in the UK, Biff’s Jack Shack has become very popular in the festival food scene. They serve exceptionally tasty burgers that can hold their own against their meat counterpart. On top of this, their vegan fried chicken has a texture and taste that is truly delightful. If this sounds like something you would enjoy, you can find Biff’s Jack Shack at festivals such as Glastonbury and Download.

macaroni and cheese




This next food van is one for anyone that loves cheese. Anna-Maes have been serving their absolutely classic mac ‘n’ cheese at many festivals across the UK, including Glastonbury, Shambala and Green Man. Not only is the food to die for but they also offer their creamy mac ‘n’ cheese at a very affordable price. This is great for any festival-goers that aren’t looking to break the bank on fast food. They also offer a variety of toppings and sauces to make an otherwise delicious dish, even better. What’s more, is that you don’t even have to go to a festival to get your fix of cheesy goodness. Anna-Maes also regularly serves their divine mac ‘n’cheese recipe out of their trailer in London throughout the rest of the year.

pie and mash



Pieminster first hit the festival scene at Glastonbury Festival in 2004, serving mouth-watering pies for both meat lovers and vegans alike. After taking the festival scene by storm, Pieminster soon became a well-established franchise, starting off in Bristol and then opening many more stores across the UK.


You can still find Pieminster at many festivals, such as Shambala, Park Life and Cheltenham Jazz Festival. Pieminster tailor to a wide variety of dietary requirements with vegan and gluten-free options and have earned their incredible reputation. Did you know that even the Queen herself enjoys having Pieminster for her Christmas parties? Pieminster has also served food to a list of celebrities including The Rolling Stones and Robbie Williams!


On top of this, if you visit their restaurant in Nottingham, they also have their very own escape rooms where you can team up with your friends to solve puzzles to escape from a variety of different scenarios.


Finally, Pieminster only uses organic meats in their products and has inspired change through a variety of initiatives such as their “Pieminster Forest initiative” It is no wonder that Pieminster is so highly regarded today.






Paellaria has been serving festival goers paella for over 10 years. You will find Paellaria at festivals such as Shindig, Glastonbury and Bestival. There are many reasons that this food stall is on our list. Firstly, their stall is hard to ignore as it is very colourful and attractive to all of your senses. Another reason is that this also another a very cheap option for your dinner while you are at a festival and they are also very generous with their portion sizes.


Paellaria has a variety of options and is able to boast the fact that they only use the freshest ingredients including piquillo peppers, Brindasa Picante chorizo and local “red tractor” chicken. If you have certain dietary requirements then all of the paella served here is also gluten-free, the vegetarian option is also vegan so there is definitely something for everyone here!


cheese toastie

The Cheese Truck


The cheese truck is exactly what you think it would be, apart from the fact that it serves food out of what was once an ice cream truck! This is another great option for cheese lovers out there, serving melted cheese toasties to peckish customers. Although they have standard cheddar toasties, they also have a variety of options to add other ingredients to the sandwich, such as pulled pork, bacon and onions.


Starting out in 2014, The Cheese Truck has been cooking delicious cheesy sandwiches at festivals including Glastonbury, Green Man and Bestival. They also serve tomato soup, travelling around new haven when not being hired for a festival or catering event.  


If you are a true foodie and are up for a challenge, they also run a good challenge, requiring you to eat 10 cheese toasties in an hour! We definitely would not suggest doing this after a night of drinking but it is definitely a fun addition for another great food truck on our list.

duck wrap


The Duck Truck


Our final pick for places to eat while at a festival is The Duck Truck. As you can imagine, they specialise in dishes containing duck as the main ingredient, from duck wraps to duck fat chips and scotch eggs. The wraps are almost like the wraps that you would get from your local Chinese takeaway but much bigger! If this sounds like something you would enjoy, The Duck Truck can be found at Glastonbury and Latitude Festival.




So if you are looking for a truly delicious meal to tuck into when you are visiting your next festival then we hope that we have given you plenty of options to choose from. Maybe you even think that you can do it better than some of the caterers on this list? If so, make sure that you regularly have all of your gas appliances checked and that you have an up to date LPG gas certificate so that you can legally sign your food truck up to serve food at one of the many music festivals in the UK this year. Maybe next year, we will be including your food van in our list of top picks for festival food.

Top Picks For Festival Food This Year
Central Heating Repair Swansea

Our central heating engineers can carry out repairs on your central heating system in Swansea, Cardiff, Newport, and across South Wales. Central heating breakdowns can cause serious problems, especially in the freezing months which is why our engineers can respond to 24/7 emergency calls. Contact us today for more information about central heating repair Swansea.


Central Heating Repairs


With over 40 years experience, our team of highly trained central heating engineers are able to diagnose your central heating issue using top of the range equipment to provide you with an idea of the type of repair you may require. They, after consulting you, they will commence the central heating repairs Swansea on your system in your home or business property.


At Eric Collier and Son, our expert heating engineers can carry out all your central heating Cardiff needs including installation, maintenance, and repairs. They are fully trained and qualified so you can rest assured that you will be provided with a high-quality central heating service. We put customer service at the forefront of our business ethos so we will always be honest with all the work we are doing throughout the service so there will be no surprises in the bill. Our friendly experts are happy to answer any of your questions so call our Cardiff office today on 029 20 508711.


Central Heating Installation


If you have a commercial or domestic property which does not currently have a central heating system then you can count on Eric Collier and Son to install the best central heating Cardiff system for your needs. Central heating is worth the money as it can reduce your energy bills and create a more comfortable living environment. A good central heating system can keep you warm during the cold weather by efficiently heating your home. Eric Collier & Son can provide you with a cost and power effective heating solution for your property. When it comes to choosing the way to heat your home and property, we can supply you with a variety of options to suit your requirements. Our heating engineers are trained to install and repair many types of central heating and boiler systems including Combi Boilers, Conventional Boilers, and System Boilers.


Central Heating Cardiff
New Boiler Cardiff

Why a Modern Boiler is a Worthy Investment.

It is often overlooked that boiler technology is constantly evolving. Keeping up to date with boiler technology can be a good means of saving money in the long run. This is because new versions are far more energy efficient than the older systems. statistics indicated that older systems operate at approximately 60% less efficiency when compared to the new technology. It is seen that newer boiler units can operate at 80-90% efficiency; thereby, increasing energy efficiency and saving money on energy expenses. A new boiler Cardiff could just what you need to save money in the new year. Eric Collier and Son provide a gas and oil boiler fitting service in Cardiff. If a modern boiler sounds like something you are interested in, give our Cardiff office a call on 029 20 508711. We have devised some key criteria to consider when purchasing a new boiler in Cardiff.


Winter Boiler Maintenance Swansea

If you have experienced a heating failure during the winter in your home or business, you would probably say it was a horribly stressful experience. An easy way to prevent this from happening is to carry out quick and easy boiler maintenance as well as having your boiler serviced annually. Eric Collier and Son have compiled a list of boiler maintenance Swansea techniques that you can do yourself to keep your boiler working throughout winter.

Christmas can be an expensive time without the need to fork out even more money on boiler repairs or a boiler service. Carry out the following DIY maintenance tips now and make it your new year’s resolution to get a professional boiler service Swansea. We recommend having your boiler serviced once a year minimum. A regular servicing can ensure the longevity of your boiler and keep it working as efficiently as possible. At Eric Collier, our skilled gas safe heating engineers Swansea will evaluate your boiler on a date of your choosing. They will then provide you with a clear breakdown of any work that may be required on it. Call our Swansea office today on 01792 620688


Boiler Maintenance Swansea
Warm Air Heaters South Wales

What are Warm Air Heaters?

It’s getting toward the end of October which means winter is well and truly on its way. The clocks are going back/forward and the Christmas adverts are already appearing. Talk of the Christmas work do and whether you are doing an office secret Santa has probably begun. With all the Christmas cheer, you do not want to make your staff unmotivated by not providing a comfortable office. If your workspace is cold, employees will be less productive and more likely to be off ill. With warm airs heaters, you can easily heat your commercial space. Warm air heating is cost effective and comfortable, providing a pleasant working environment at a reasonable cost. Whether you are heating a factory, warehouse, workshop, showroom, or just about any other building, warm air heating can provide an effective solution. If you are based in Cardiff, Swansea, Newport, or elsewhere in South Wales, contact Eric Collier and Son today on 0845 2000100 to book your warm air heating service or installation.

Eric Collier and Son’s Warm Air Heaters Services

At Eric Collier and Son, we have an extensive range of warm air heaters which are all suitable for commercial or residential upgrades and new builds. Our current range of warm air heaters offers a replacement for any gas-fired air heater in the market. We are confident we will have the system to suit you and your budget and we offer a free review and quote if this is something you are considering. We can repair and maintain commercial catering equipment, air conditioning units, and warm air heaters. READ MORE

Boilers Services at Eric Collier and Son

At Eric Collier and Son Ltd, we are specialists in gas, oil and LPG boilers. Whether you need an installation, service or repair for your gas, oil or LPG appliance, Eric Collier and Son can provide a dedicated expert to help. Our service footprint covers Cardiff, Newport, Swansea and the rest of South Wales. Contact us today on 0845 2000100 for advice or a free quote.

Choosing a Boiler Fuel

Gas boilers are the most commonly used fuel source in the UK. However, nearly 3.6m households all around the UK have no relation with gas lines. This means they need to find off-grid alternatives to natural gas. More often than not, oil boilers are installed where there is no access to gas. Oil is not an environmentally friendly fuel source which is probably causing the increase in LPG being used as an alternative to gas instead. LPG use is still fairly low in comparison to gas and oil but we predict there will be continued growth in households making the switch to decrease their carbon footprint. READ MORE

Boilers – Gas vs Oil vs LPG
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